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s6k Arts News

Live Journal Fascists...They Still Didn't F**K OFF!
This is from a Live Journal conversation about a Blood Axis / Changes show in NYC. I tried to respond to the post, and since I couldn't, I realized I have other ways to respond. So here we go. Consider this a public response to dictator88.

----From “Tony” (dictator88)----
Re: Just what is she doing with this event?
Right, I used to draw the distinction between jews and zionists. I no longer think it's an important distinction, if there be a distinction at all.

You make good arguments. It just comes down to, "what is to be done?" For me, that doesn't include donating money to jewish organizations or supporting jews in the "entertainment industry"...however grassroots they may be. Jewish ownership of the media may well be the single most important obstacle to people knowing the truth...more than the federal government. To allow it it just once or because they are "good jews" or because we will reap rewards later on goes against a first principal.

Still, I suppose there is much to be said for the "sleight of hand" tactics of which Robert Taylor speaks. He's been in this fight longer than I and has more than a few stories to tell about infiltrations and double-agentry.

Given that, it seems to come down to semantics. It's a trait of White people to want to be honest, forthright and fair. By this we are likely shooting ourselves in the foot.

----From “Tony” (dictator88) to Robert Taylor----
I understand that "this sort of music" is not Fascist in name. It's Evolian...if you like. Still, the fact is that many of the people who listen to "this sort of music" identify as Fascist, National Socialist, WP, etc. ...myself included (though, I'm not a member of any organization). I can say that I've read a few of your interviews and have found some inspiration there. And, I would say that we agree on, at least, 8 out of 10 things. I just haven't reached that point of renunciation yet. Even if I had, I don't imagine that I would feel OK about giving money to these orgs. I mean, I go out of my way to not buy food with a kosher symbol on it...which is quite a task, let me tell you. :)

Maybe I am making more of this than it is. This in no way diminishes my support for Changes or Blood Axis. And, I would definitely make the trip down from Boston to see the show if I could make certain that the money I paid went to the bands rather than leftist or jewish orgs.

I wish you well.

Take care,

----an excerpt from a post from dictator88----
"It's a trait of White people to want to be honest, forthright and fair."
(dh) It's a trait of EVERYONE. I know an equal amount of ignorant, stupid, lying whites, blacks, ECT. And maybe you are talking about some group, other, than the one I'm thinking of. It's far too easy to prove that there's not a race of people on this planet that can claim to have honesty as a characteristic. There’s not a bit a genealogical, or even anecdotal data to back up that claim. I am a researcher and become very suspicious when someone uses ideological or euphemistic language as truism. You can and should have pride in your “race” as I do, but there’s no need to resort to delusions of grandeur.

The predecessors of the Eugenics movement (which shares much of the double speak and rhetoric used on your Nationalist News site) also believed THEY were on the top of the food chain and learned they are as mortally fallible as the rest of the homosapiens they "share" the Earth with. But THEY were in charge of things and had positions of real power. They ran the census department, American Medical Assoc. and a myriad of power positions.

Before this show, I had very little knowledge about the "white racial purity" movement STILL being part of the music/art subculture. I haven't seen this stuff since the late 70's / early 80's when we had to tolerate "nazi punks," not to say that you have the same mission. And to that point, it seems that I've heard a number of people dancing around issues of categorization, but avoid saying exactly what they are for.

I'd like to have you give me a straight answers to these questions:
- If you had your druthers, what would the world look like?
- What people would live in your neighborhood?
- How do you feel about interracial relationships?
- Last week two families had swastikas painted on their homes in Staten Island, NYC. Do you think the people who did it should be arrested? If so, charged with what?
Thanx in advance…

"Just what is she doing with this event?"
(dh) I don't get what question this poses? Does it matter that a "Jew" is presenting this event? Is THAT not the real politicizing of this event? If it’s just about the music and art, then let it be such.

And for the record, it's not the "Jewish" media that's stopping information from getting to the public at large. It's the collective ignorance of the majority of the people in this country that is honestly to blame. Which would certainly include the majority of whites, as well as every other group. To aim at the "Jews" as the holders of knowledge lets the many others off the hook that are ACTUALLY filtering and hindering (y)our access to information.

By reading your site, you seem to not understand the legacy of power in this country. Jews do not any, meaning almost none, of the TRUE power positions of the U.S. If you believe the contrary, I’d like you to tell me who you think they are and what position(s) they hold.

It seems you haven't read the documents you refered to. The cointel-pro docs ( show you that the people holding the real levers of power see ALL of the people who aren't them as fodder for THEIR world. They make no distinction between groups, except to make sure the groups continue/begin fighting with one another, so they don’t have their global plans hindered.

We are all crabs in a bucket; (a) you need to clearly understand who is walking down the pier holding the handle to the bucket (b) it is they that will dump the bucket's contents. (c) you are helping them, as they had planned (d) why don’t we ALL figure out a way to use our claws to get out of the bucket – and get a good snap at the “bucket holder?”

Peaceness and Sledgehammers
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