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VFP 34 Minutes

VFP Chapter 34 Meeting Minutes - June 19, 2008
VFP Chapter 34 Meeting Minutes - June 19, 2008

Attendees: 20(Carl Foster, Frank Stearns, Bob Carpenter, John Milmore, Bob Davidow, Hugh
Bruce, Al Jaccoma, Bob Grossman, Greg Posnick, June Svetlovsky, Lionelle Hamanaka,
Kathy Hager, Sally Davidson, Elliot Markson, John Mc Donagh, Adam Lessuck, Jerry Hassett,
Christopher Zach, Brian Zach, Bob Keilbach)

1. Introductions - The meeting started at 7 PM, chaired by Chapter 34 Pres. Carl Foster.
Photographer Christopher Zach, and son Brian Zach joined us as guests at the meeting.

2. Meeting Minutes - Minutes of the June 5 chapter meeting were distributed on-line and by hard
copy at the meeting. Minutes were approved.

3. Treasury Report - The chapter has $565 on hand. Meeting attendees contributed toward the
cost of the meeting room at the church.

4. Photo-Essay Project – Price of War - Northern NJ-based Independent photographer
Christopher Zach and his son Brian discussed his proposal for a photo-essay book project,
whereby he would interview and photograph veterans of all wars who have been physically and/
or psychologically wounded. The purpose of the project is to present the case against war. He
also plans to exhibit the photos at a NYC gallery. Chris requested that anyone interested contact
him by phone at 973 6506382, or email to

5. Heritage of Pride Parade Sunday June 29 – We will muster at 11:00AM on 56 St. between
5th Avenue and Madison. Hugh has registered the chapter, and we will be marching in the first
group. He is also working on a flyer to be distributed at the parade. Frank will send out an email
blast prior to the event. We will bring chapter banners, signs and megaphones. Freedom of
expression is encouraged.

6. IVAW Liaison – Adam reported that at least three other VFP chapters will be participating in
a panel at the National VFP convention, regarding outreach to NG and active duty troops.

7. Chapter Fundraising – Bob C recommended that we consider sponsoring an event and/or send
out a fundraising appeal letter. Christopher Zach suggested that the opening of an exhibit of his
photos of wounded veterans would be a good venue for a fundraising event. Bob, June and Kathy
agreed to work on an updated fundraising letter.

8. Discussion – De-Federalizing of NYS NG - Carl presented an informative analysis of the
Constitutional law issues concerning legality of the proposal to have Gov. Paterson withdraw
the NY National Guard from Iraq, and withhold consent to further deployments to Iraq. A draft
resolution has been prepared by atty Ben Scotch, based on the fact that the original congressional
Authorization for use of Military Force (AUMF) is no longer relevant. The proposed legislation
is being sponsored by Peace Action and MFSO, as a legal means to end the war, with similar
proposals being pursued in 8 states, including VT and NJ. Carl’s analysis indicates that the
proposal as-written would likely be construed as unconstitutional. A motion was made and

approved for the chapter to support the initiative, provided it was reworded to address the
constitutional law issues.

9. New Business/Upcoming Events
a. Saturday June 21, 10 AM, March Against Gentrification, Marcus Garvey Park, 124 St & 5

b. Sunday June 22, 1PM – Bringing the War Back Home - IVAW member Kris Goldsmith, who
testified at Winter Soldier hearings in DC, will be speaking at UU Congregation, 48 Shelter
Rock Rd. Manhasset, NY

c. Thursday June 26 – NYC Law Association Forum re Private Military Contracting, 6:30PM at
16 Vesey Street, between Bdway and Church St.

d. Friday June 27, 8AM - Military Project outreach to NG and reservists, on SI

e. Sunday June 29 - Gay Pride Parade, 11:00AM, assemble at 56th St. between 5th and Madison.

f. Saturday July 12, 5:45AM - Military Project outreach to NG and reservists, at Harlem armory

g. Wednesday July 16 – outreach to NG and reservists, at Huntington, LI

h. August 28-30 - Annual VFP Convention, Minneapolis, MN

10. Peace Vigils - VFP members currently participate in four ongoing weekly peace vigils at
locations throughout NYC:
! Grandmothers for Peace - Vigil for Peace at Rockefeller Center, Fifth Avenue between 49 - 50
St. every Wednesday afternoon from 4:30 - 5:30 PM.
! Women in Black - Silent Peace Vigil at 41 St and Fifth Avenue every Wednesday afternoon
5:30 - 6:30 PM
! VFP/Queens Network for Peace & Justice - 2 Peace Vigils, one at Continental Av & Austin
St. in Forest Hills, and one in front of the Flushing Library, Saturday morning from 11AM - 12
! West Side - Peace Vigil at 82 St and Broadway every Saturday afternoon at 1PM.

11. Meeting Schedule – First and Third Thursday of each month, unless otherwise noted, posted
on the Calendar at
The next 3 general meetings of NYC Chapter 34 are scheduled for:

! Thursday July 3, 2008 - 7:00 PM at 28 E.35 Street

! Thursday July 17, 2008 - 7:00 PM at 28 E.35 Street

! Thursday August 7, 2008 - 7:00 PM at 28 E.35 Street

The Executive Committee meets once a month, at 6:30 PM, on the last Thursday of the month.
The next Exec Committee meeting will be on Thurs June 26, 2008 at 28 E. 35 St. at 6:30 PM

Bob Keilbach


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