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                                                                               Machine Age Madness [MAM] is an InfoArt project featuring                                     
Evan Michelson                                                                     Darryl Hell
                                                     [Obscura/Oddites - Science Channel]                           
[Abstinence/sektor 6 kommunikations]

The Machine Age Madness [MAM] project is designed to be an industrial music culture [circa 1976 - 1988] lecture and performance series. Launched May 11, 2013 at the Steampunk Festival, Waltham, MA, the objective of MAM is to give presentations in educational institutions and music/art events to give examples, and most importantly, have discussions about the impact industrial music and culture has had on pop culture writ large.

         is an antiques dealer, lecturer, writer, musician and co-owner of Obscura Antiques and Oddities in New York City. She is also one of the stars of the international hit TV series Oddities on the Science Channel. She has been buying, selling, researching and collecting natural history specimens, medical and scientific antiques, objects of mourning, taxidermy, wax ladies and random inexplicable objects for more than two decades.

She has spoken on the history of gothic culture and fashion at FIT and delivered regular lectures at Brooklyn's Observatory and the Coney Island Museum on a wide array of topics including the melancholy of taxidermy, the culture of curiousity and the history of sacred relics.

                                                         is a mixed-media experimental artist and musician based in Brooklyn, Earth. He was bass player for the punk band Public Disturbance during the early hardcore punk rock years. In 1985, Hell founded the industrial project Abstinence that recently released its 28th anniversary DVD/CD "Delusions of Architecture."

Hell is also an educator of civics, cultural history, and media literacy. In addition, he works in community development where he combines his punk rock DIY roots and experimental artistic techniques to create and implement personal and social betterment programs. Born in Belmar, NJ in 1964, his art life has spanned the analog & digital worlds, where he has remained on the bleeding edge of eclecticism & innovation for over 35 years.


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