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Digital Disturbance
DJ Darryl Hell
Killing The Joke: The John Bechdel Story
Machine Age Madness
DJ Zvetschka
Impact Arena RAID-io
Sonik Slam
Vicky Virgin
HL_Blastfloor Sessions
s6k Arts News
Interrupted Life
Fleur de Sel Diaries
How Do You Know: 9/11/01?
The Orwell Doctrine
HellLab 4
HellLab 5
HellLab 6[66]


s6k Artist Toolbox


The s6k Artist Toolbox is your source for tips, strategies and a host of other nuggets that can help you with your artistic production. We will also be a source for high quality contracts for media creation, performance, rental applications.

Our network is comprised of people that span the spectrum of the entertainment, journalism and activist communities. They have years of experience / training...also, have a strong need to speak up.

The entertainment industry is one of the most amazingly wonderful industries to be part of [and certainly to work in]. But, since it's nearly unregulated, the dark underside of the industry is always lurking about. By that we don't mean drugs or risky sexual encounters. We mean an entertainment business structure that is seemingly designed to extract each ounce of artistry, profit, originality and meaning from any endeavour it gets its claws into.

Our mission here is to help you get the right information you need to be in control [artistically / strategically / financially] of your own art.

The DIY [Do It Yourself] arts movement has been empowering people for generations. It especially has become prominent since the internet became a vehicle to promote and release media.

For years artists have been at the mercy of the "entertainment" industry. They [we] could only hope that we wouldn't get screwed like the people on all the "Where are they at Now?" type shows.

Most of the people that could give solid information from the inside were [are] too entrenched to speak the unvarnished truth, due to fear of some punitive action.

 "Progressive art can assist people to learn not only about the objective forces at work in the society in which they live, but also about the intensely social character of their interior lives. Ultimately, it can propel people toward social emancipation."  - Salvador Dali 

        (categories listed in alphabetical order)

artist legal services

Official Legal Council of s6k & Real University

We always remind artists that the business behind their art is as important as the creation of it. Don't be had. Get informed.
Their practice provides a variety of vital artist services.

arts related politics and legislation

Is the new NYC "Nightlife License" a bait and switch for Cabaret Laws? Will it set a President for the Country?

The Rave Act: The Law that might Change How You Attend and Produce Events in the U.S.

event production assistance

Bleeding the Artists; The Exposure Carrot Exposed

Hellraver Productions - A cool production company that has a stable of music artists, DJ's, remix producers, ect. They also provide tour management and a variety of band services.

How to organize an event the Voidstar Productions Way

International list of DJ's spinning industrial, noise, electro eclectic and experimental music

Voidstar Productions DJ list

media sales and distribution

The Voidstore

To buy the latest elektro, industrial, noise, powernoise, and various experimental/eclectic music.

Voidstar Productions and its Voidstore can also distribute your media. (dvd, cd, cassette, video, vinyl, 8-tracks, music scrolls, ect.)

PMSCPC Music [music resource database] Keeping music free

They present a variety of music genres. Also features music news, promotional info and other artist related services.

Search for music, get "real" reviews & find out if the music you buy is being released by a member of the RIAA

music production

Xris Flam's Mindswerve Studio
the mindset:
swerving away from conventional thinking...
the hybrid: blending genres and mediums: from sound to sight, online and off...
the crew: multi-talented media architects challenging the bleeding edge...
the studio: a pod of technology, merging physical and virtual realities

Mindswerve has worked with such bands as Korn, Public Enemy, DJ Spooky, Nick Cave, DJ Soul Slinger & Chico -Science, Mindless Self-Indulgence, KMFDM, Unit, Metallica, Sepultura and Rachid to name a few.

Click here to check out the new site. It's in beta, but has relevant information and a kick ass new look & feel.

the life experience forum

We want to introduce you to our Life Experience Forum.
For many years, artists have been screwed over and had nowhere to turn. That's where we come in.

We will provide you with a forum to tell people about YOUR artistic life experiences. Recycling your stories will help someone learn a valuable lesson, and hopefully avoid the pitfalls you (or we) couldn't. Try to stay on the facts and away from insults. Also, be sure to tell where you think you made your mistakes. All stories will be presented unedited.

We do not want to use the names of the venues or people involved. We will use a "[redacted]" symbol in the place of any name, company or exact location. We just want the complete situation, as truthfully told as memory permits, to inform and hopefully serve as a warning to someone else.

At the end of each story we will provide a commentary entitled "Time to Break it Down." This is a way to extract the primary points.

Send us your story. email -

You are also asked to comment on the stories to flush out all the lessons to be learned. email -

Life Experience Forum Letters
stories are listed by title in alphabetical order

Losing the Rights to Your Story

Is There a Real Difference Between the Underground Industrial and the Mainstream Music Biz? digg NewsVine YahooMyWeb Furl Fark Spurl TailRank Ma.gnolia blogmarks co.mments Reddit


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