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Halsey Block Association
Halsey BA Bulletin Board


Halsey BA Bulletin Board


The Community Bulletin Board

- There are many younger voices in the community that are not being heard. We invite you to come to the next meeting to discuss how you see this block and what could be done to make things better for you.

- There has been a number of people sitting on the stairs of houses that should be left clear so people can easily go in and out of their homes. The winter has brought a rest from this, although the warm weather soon to come will probably bring this topic to the forefront.

We ask that people show the people enough respect to allow them to comfortably exit and enter their homes without having to say "Excuse me." Other people feel free to abuse us because they see us abusing ourselves at such an unbelieveable rate.

Please work with us on this. We deserve better than the way we are currently treating each other.

- Mayor Bloomberg is pushing a new initiative to get more healthy foods in corner food stores and supermarkets in many communities of color throughout NYC. We will tell you how you can help get better food in the community as soon as we obtain the program information. Fresh veggies & real juices @ last!

- There have been a number of complaints from women who’ve been verbally harassed and followed near the corners of Halsey & Throop, Throop & McDonough and at the entrance to the Subway station across from McDonald’s. Please let us know if you’ve had any problems in these or other locations. Try to remember a description and write it down when you get home. You can report to us without using your name, but we all need to speak up.

    Feel free to contact us about these or other issues.
          Please leave a message if no one answers

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