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Digital Disturbance
DJ Darryl Hell
Killing The Joke: The John Bechdel Story
Machine Age Madness
DJ Zvetschka
Impact Arena RAID-io
Sonik Slam
Vicky Virgin
HL_Blastfloor Sessions
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Interrupted Life
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How Do You Know: 9/11/01?
The Orwell Doctrine
HellLab 4
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HellLab 6[66]


HL_Blastfloor Sessions


HellLab moves deeper into its mission to remove the consumer / performer performance dynamic. The HellLab Blastfloor Sessions [code:experiment] Series enables us to focus completely on the production and the artists. This project allows us to perform in places we never could if we had an audience. The bliss of diversifying our performance locations beyond the club, lounge or music venue stage (i.e. warehouses, tunnels, parks, bridges, basements, ect), returns us to a time when being a performer was the only objective.

Each session will be recorded in using a live-mixed, multi-camera shoot...then everyone can check it out.

Above is a preview for the full-length video, "HellLab Blastfloor Sessions: Experiment 1," which can be seen on its broadcast page @

Over the next few years, our series will explore experimental music / video collaboration and environmental sound extraction.

s 6 k  A r t s  &  s 6 k   e n t e r t a i n m e n t
The HL Blastfloor Sessions
[code:experiment] Series
NOTE] the sessions are closed to the public, so only vague location information will be supplied. We hope our experiments inspire others to take to the world...experimenting. We also hope you find our experiments entertaining. :)-

     If you are an artist and would like to join the tribe
          c  o  n  t  a  c  t     u  s 

t h e    b    r    e    a    k    d    o    w    n
executive dir/prod   darryl hell
live video mix           wolfgang busch
camera                     michael intile, sarah schetter, wolfgang busch

set                             hell & collective
audio mix                  hell
audio mastering       xris flam / mindswerve studio, nyc
video editing            hell
video mastering       hell / busch

e  x  p  e  r  i  m  e  n  t    1 [see it here]
   june 9th & 10th 2007
[57th st., New York City]

[in alphabetical order]
deftly d
david doktor

andrew grant
darryl hell
morris jurgensen

e  x  p  e  r  i  m  e  n  t     2
   march 15th & 16th 2008
[The HellLab Underground, New York City]

[in alphabetical order]
lance blisters
deftly d
chris flam
darryl hell
morris jurgensen
mark sunshine

e  x  p  e  r  i  m  e  n  t     3
   coming soon - recording july 2008
[Brooklyn, New York City]

e  x  p  e  r  i  m  e  n  t
   coming soon
[Queens, New York City]



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