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Killing The Joke: The John Bechdel Story
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Killing The Joke: The John Bechdel Story


Directed and Produced by Darryl Hell for Furnace Records

Most people say that he lives "the life" without understanding the immense sacrifices that's made behind the scenes. His trademark smile and laugh function as medicine for the elements in his life that are sometimes killing the joke. Framed as a "day-in-the-life" of 36-hours on tour in Ministry from the meet & greet before playing The Fillmore in D.C. to leaving New York City after playing Irving Plaza, this documentary is a thrill ride through the life of John Bechdel, those in and connected to his life and career; the world travelers and those behind the scenes who share his struggle to live their lives at all odds...on their terms.
Digital download & rental available now exclusively on Vimeo On Demand [watch/buy/rent -]

- SPECIAL ISSUE DVD 3-DISK SET [Limited Edition and U.S. Domestic Orders Only]
3-disk set includes 4 hours of interviews not included in the digital release. A must for collectors.
[We are behind in our production process. We are working to get it shipped asap. We thank you for your patience.]

- An "International Only" digital version of the Limited Edition DVD will be available for purchase outside of the US on November 26, 2018. Due to delays in our production process, we had to push forward Oct 30, to Nov 26, "Cyber Monday."
The payment button for the "International Only" DVD Special Issue release here Nov 24, Small Business Saturday for 2 days of discounted preorders. After Nov 26th, it will be available at the regular price.
Ministry, Killing Joke, Prong, Murder Inc., and Fear Factory, to name a few, have been the ground that John Bechdel ["JB"] has made his mark on. KILLING THE JOKE: THE JOHN BECHDEL STORY features exclusive personal interviews with Al Jourgensen [Ministry, Revolting Cocks], Burton C. Bell [Fear Factory], Alison Bechdel [FUN HOME / award winning writer], Greta Brinkman [L7, Pigface, Debbie Harry, Moby], Charlie Clouser [Nine Inch Nails, Marilyn Manson], Martin Atkins [Public Image Limited, Killing Joke], Sean Roberts [Wax Trax! / TVT Records], Shikhee D'iordna [Android Lust] and a host of others.

Director/Producer  Darryl Hell for s6k Media and Furnace Records
Associate Producer  David "Deftly D" Dodson
Typography & original graphic assistance for web promotions  Derek Rush
Technical Assistance  Wolfgang Busch and Tyrone Thomas
Promotional Support  Heidi Robinson Fitzgerald @ HERFitz PR & Liz Walton @ Ministry
Food support  Royal Rib House, Brooklyn, NY / Corporal Dee's BBQ, Exton, PA
Philadelphia location support: Wendy "DJ Blackwidow" Campbell

Directed and produced by Darryl Hell for s6k Media and Furnace Records


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