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Real University News has been following the news behind the news while many others were wearing their patriotic blinders. We are only dedicated to finding the truth. "Liberal" or "conservative" dogma serves neither the truth, the goals of the United States or the people who are currently [and historically] suffering under its "global dominance."

We welcome your additional information and informed perspectives as well as corrections. Please use our blog feature that is on all pages on the site.
[note: v2 archive doesn't support blogging]

Below is a link library to the v2 site news archive. It will direct you to many of the issues that are now being questioned in the mainstream media.
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luis colon - s6k senior political social researcher
tamra spyvey - lucid nation
darryl hell - s6k founder / president / content minister
kayhan irani - s6k network associate
deftly d - s6k technology manager / producer
cynthia mckinney - georgia congresswoman, 4th district 
wolfgang busch - s6k network senior producer
suzi miles - s6k producer [helped us to find our direction in 2000]
john miles - s6k producer [helped us to find our direction in 2000]
and i - djmphcl
claudia - green eyed red
daskreestof - digital murder
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randi rhodes fans - anonymous
Nov 18 2011 Being 100% Clear about the 99% Movement
Before I start, it's important to know that we stand in complete solidarity with the 99% Movement and feel it's an extension of the work many have been doing for generations. I was lucky enough to stumble upon someone who was with the movement days before the Wall Street Occupation began. That quickly turned into a teach-in that was ready to go because s6k's educational arm, "Purpose Lounge," had many materials ready and teaches the history of a number of movements from the perspective of the people who fought and won them.
Sep 17 2011 A Historical Perspective of Sit-In's / Occupations
Sep 17 2011 Background on Non-Violent Actions
Jan 17 2011 What Would Martin Luther King Jr. Say in 2011?
In 2011, I've heard a number of people putting words and motivations into King's life. Most of them negate the fact that King had responded to the troubling issues of our times; unequal justice; ethnically based poverty; war spending that's depleting the resources for us to address our issues. These "news" outlets were also limited by format to discuss the issues beyond personal emotion. On the celebration of what would be MLK's eighty-second birthday, s6k will take a more detailed look at King from his own words.
Jan 17 2011 What Would Martin Luther King Jr. Say in 2011?
In 2011, a number of people have been putting words and motivations into King's life. Most of them negate the fact that King had responded to the troubling issues of our times; unequal justice; ethnically based poverty; war spending that's depleting the resources for us to address our issues. These "news" outlets were also limited by format to discuss the issues beyond personal emotion. On the celebration of what would be MLK's eighty-second birthday, s6k will take a more detailed look at King from his own words.
Mar 20 2010 Thank You "Tea Baggers" for Letting Amerikkka Speak
America shows its face again... Thank you Tea Baggers! This group, "We the People" and their many likeminded organizations, have enabled people from all over the country, in a confluence of democracy, to speak freely...and the people spoke.
Oct 26 2009 Happy Thankstaking_version 2
The first official Thanksgiving wasn't a festive gathering of Indians and Pilgrims, but rather a celebration of the massacre of 700 Pequot men, women and children. We've found many account of how this day came to be. Do your own homework, learn the truth and tell us your findings. We know one thing for certain; the story we've been told about "Thanksgiving" is an unequivocal lie. This is a re-release of an article we originally posted on our website Thanksgiving Day 2003. Ask questions. Demand answers.
Apr 16 2009 A Bit of Balance in an Unbalanced Sea; Who Exactly Are the Pirates?
It was obvious something was missing from the "pirate" story when there was endless coverage, but nearly a complete blackout from people on the ground in Somolia. We [RU News] were discussing the likelihood that there was something more to the story. That would prove to be more than true, as it is in most cases.
Mar 02 2009 [hq2600] From Cynthia McKinney: Ruminations on President Obama's Tenure Thus Far and "Acceptable Punditry"
I have played around with this idea for hours now, on whether or not to write this piece. But the events of the last few hours, I believe, mandate that I raise my voice once again. I have read and re-read President Obama's Joint Congressional Address. All of the "acceptable punditry" have spoken and given the President glowing reviews. And so, to them and the population that still believes in them, "All is right with the world." But for the rest of us, who refuse to swallow the pill that puts us into the Matrix, a good dose of reality is strongly called for.
Mar 01 2009 US and Israel Choose to Boycott the Durban Review Conference 2009
s6k Media did some homework on why the US and Israel is boycotting the Durban Review Conference [to be held in Geneva 2009] after receiving the below forward. It seems that there are some untruths or underexposed agendas in the official statements of the US and European Union. Our inquiry also addresses the issues surrounding the choice venue, which we found to be a less than kosher process.
Feb 27 2009 Will the US Send a Representative to the Durban Review Conference 2009
The US refuses to send rep to The Durban Review Conference, to be held in Geneva, Switzerland 2009.
Feb 05 2009 [hq2600] Israel stops Lebanese Gaza aid ship
The Israeli navy on Thursday intercepted and boarded a Gaza-bound Lebanese aid boat at sea and escorted it to the Israeli port of Ashdod, Defence Minister Ehud Barak said . "At first the ship understood we were prohibiting it from heading to Gaza and steered towards El-Arish," in Egypt, Barak said. "From Egyptian territorial waters it tried to slip into Gaza waters. That is when the Israeli navy boarded it, and it is now taking it to Ashdod," he said.
Jan 16 2009 Johnny Sanchez Asks our Help to Fight MTA "UN"Fare Hike
This is a personal note that I am reaching out to you with because last night I attended the MTA hearings in Manhattan. As some of you may know, the NYC Transit System is under attack, both financially and structurally.. but more importantly.. it is NY'ers who are under attack because they want to place all the burden on us.
Jan 12 2009 An s6k response to Michele Obama's "Call to Service"
Hello "Michele," I've sent a few responses to "your" emails and posted on your site. But since I have my own means of message distribution, this is the best way to get a message out. I respect your call to service, but it 0seems it is you and your husband that require the message.
Dec 09 2007 'We used to think there was a black community'
'We used to think there was a black community' With her towering afro and radical rhetoric, Angela Davis was one of the iconic faces of black politics in 1970s America. She talks to Gary Younge about Barack Obama, the racism of the black middle class, and how it feels "to be remembered as a hairdo."
Oct 01 2007 Drunk Cops in Jersey City, NJ
In this s6k:I exclusive, we have been provided with video that is official police misconduct. It has been the source of much conflict, as a few have said it's "old news." For us the key thing is the fact that the events happened without the public ever being properly informed.
May 13 2007 Happy Original Mother's Day from s6k!
sektor 6 kommunuikations feels it's [ALWAYS] important to go behind the "Hallmark" holiday to see how Mother's Day [or any other holiday] began.
Sep 30 2006 9/11 Panel: How Do You Know What You Know? pt 2
Special Live 9/11 Panel Discussion Event [directly across the street from the legendary Belasco Theater] Saturday, August 26th, 2006, 2pm to 5pm featuring; - Luis Colon [Shadows of the Octopus - senior s6k 9/11 researcher] - Liza Politi [Statement Arts - spent 9 months @ ground zero as a volunteer] - Fleur deSel [Performance artist - studies NYC statistical data]
Sep 29 2006 9/11 Panel: How Do You Know What You Know? pt. 1
Special Live 9/11 Panel Discussion Event [directly across the street from the legendary Belasco Theater] Saturday, August 26th, 2006, 2pm to 5pm featuring; - Luis Colon [Shadows of the Octopus - senior s6k 9/11 researcher] - Liza Politi [Statement Arts - spent 9 months @ ground zero as a volunteer] - Fleur deSel [Performance artist - studies NYC statistical data]
Jul 28 2006 C-Span Presents a 9/11 Forum Focused on the Truth and Not Patriotism contributor:darryl hell
C-Span's scheduling of the American Scholars Symposium highlights crystal clear in its summation that 9/11 represents an inside job carried out by criminal elements within the US government. The deliberate implosion of the twin towers and Building 7 allied with the reversal of routine air defense procedures leave no other explanation than the fact that the attack was a self-inflicted wound.
Jul 11 2006 Playing Dirty For Jesus contributor:tamra spyvey
As is true for many lawyers who have defended First Amendment free speech rights, I have represented several groups and individuals with extremist and even despicable viewpoints (in general, and for obvious reasons, it is only groups and individuals who espouse ideas considered repugnant by the majority which have their free speech rights threatened).
Jul 02 2006 Old Glory contributor:tamra spyvey
On a hot day in early July, driving south along Interstate 95 just outside of Portland, Maine, I find myself listening to the colorful jabberwocky of conservative radio. The announcer, like so many of his kind, speaks rhythmically and insistently, artfully using cascading sound bites to drive home his points. And as with all conservative radio announcers, he is angry today, angry with opposition to a constitutional amendment prohibiting the burning of the American flag.
Jul 01 2006 Responses to Why do men joke about rape bulletin contributor:tamra spyvey
I can never tell which bulletins are going to kick up the most dust. My all time champion for inspiring responses is still my kitty Shingo's baby pictures, after posting them I answered MANY hundreds of messages.
Jul 01 2006 Get your "choose death" license plate! contributor:tamra spyvey
Not the most important issue in the world, in fact rather a non issue, but an amusing fact about "modern" America.
Jun 30 2006 Why Are Men Still Joking About Rape? contributor:tamra spyvey
It is nearly inconceivable, and certainly inexcusable, that TV shows like F/X's "Rescue Me" can still suggest that women 'enjoy' rape. If there was ever any question about why women's voices should be mandatory at the top levels of decision making in any field, last week's episode of the F/X drama "Rescue Me" provides an answer that is as unambiguous as it is revolutionary.
Jun 29 2006 But what if I think 'people of faith' are a little crazy? contributor:tamra spyvey
Barack Obama is the latest politician to call me and my antifaith friends out as divisive and harmful for the Democratic cause. Thank God that I know better.
Jun 29 2006 Depleted uranium turns lies into high-tech horror contributor:tamra spyvey
The unending game of pretend that the U.S. media allow George Bush to play on the global stage, so often letting his lying utterances hang suspended, unchallenged, in the middle of the story, as though they were plausible as though a class of third-graders couldnt demolish them with a few innocent questions feels like the journalistic equivalent of waterboarding. Gasp! Some truth, please!
Jun 29 2006 Real ID Microchips Coming in 2 years... RESIST!!! contributor:and eye
Jun 28 2006 Charlie Sheen 9/11 Truth speech contributor:randi rhodes fans
Charlie delivers a direct strike to the hoo ha over his 9/11 ploclamations and observations.
Jun 28 2006 Right to Life Montana supports Nazi candidate contributor:tamra spyvey
Meet Butte National Socialist Shawn Stuart. Shawn Stuart is no ordinary Republican. The 24-year-old combat veteran, the only Republican running to represent Buttes House District 76 in the Montana Legislature, also happens to be a state leader for the National Socialist Movement, which dubs itself Americas Nazi Party.
Jun 28 2006 Ten Reasons to Watch Mexico's Presidential Election contributor:tamra spyvey
No electronic voting machines! Limits on negative campaigning! Best of all, George W. Bush hates the leading candidate. This Sunday, Mexico will choose a new president in an election with broad implications not only for the direction of the country, but also for its relations with the United States and its neighbors to the south.
Jun 28 2006 Pine Ridge Leader Faces Battle Over Abortion Ban contributor:tamra spyvey
The South Dakota abortion ban inspired the president of the Oglala Sioux Nation to call for a clinic to be built on the reservation. Now she faces impeachment. Cecelia Fire Thunder, the first woman elected president of the Oglala Sioux Nation, faces impeachment Thursday because of her plan to open an abortion clinic on the Pine Ridge Reservation in the southwest corner of South Dakota.
Jun 27 2006 Bait A Predator to Catch A Voyeur contributor:tamra spyvey
Network news was once about authority: Walter Cronkite, Roger Mudd, Ted Koppel, even Dan Rather in his reporter days. But when was the last time a network, as opposed to a newspaper or a magazine, broke major investigative news vital to the public interest like the Abu Ghraib scandal (The New Yorker), the Bush administration's secret prisons (Washington Post), the NSA wiretaps and international finance snooping (New York Times), the Marines' massacre of Iraqi civilians at Haditha (Time magazine)? So much fine print journalism is being produced week in and week out, it's difficult to keep up. But most Americans still get their perceptions of the world around them from the networks.
Jun 12 2006 War Bill Deletes US Military Base Prohibition contributor:tamra spyvey
Remember my blog? Remember when shortly after I wrote it there was all that propaganda about the new bill to make sure we don't stay in Iraq? Bullshit. We plan on being in Iraq for a long time.
Jun 12 2006 US "Planning to Keep 50,000 Troops in Iraq for Many Years" contributor:tamra spyvey
Like I said. We are staying in Iraq. This is so stupid. All this money and manpower should be going toward curing our oil addiction, not trying to lock up what's left by sheer military force.
Jun 12 2006 Using Children as 'God's Army' contributor:tamra spyvey
A new documentary chronicles a summer camp where children, as young as six, are trained to become devout Christian soldiers. Gandhi once said if Christians lived according to their faith, there would be no Hindus left in India. He knew how powerful the fundamental tenets of Christianity -- fighting poverty, caring for the least among us, loving your enemies, eschewing materialism and embracing humility -- could be if everyone who called themselves a Christian truly followed them.
Jun 11 2006 L.A. Pride! contributor:tamra spyvey
I'm listening to the L.A. Pride parade. Can't go this year, I have a work deadline I have to meet for tomorrow. But that's cool, I've been going since my brother took me when I was a kid. Some of my most touching and inspiring experiences happened at Pride.
Jun 05 2006 The new meaning of "hippie" (my new blog) contributor:tamra spyvey
All my so called leftist friends are freaking out on Al Gore's new movie. They've become like moonies or fundamentalists preaching the unimpeachable gospel. Such trivialities as art, music, and other pleasures of life fade away for them and they only feel worthwhile when they are convincing others to rue their ways. I'm glad they're doing it. Even if it turns out Global Warming was another Y2K, the more lucid about consequences society gets the better.
Jun 04 2006 Blame is for God and Little Children contributor:tamra spyvey
"Blame," wrote novelist Dalton Trumbo, "is for God and little children." I have always believed these to be good and wise words to live by. But today, sitting at my desk, writing these words, I am struggling with the desire to blame and the desire to punish.
May 27 2006 Missing Hoaxes are the Playground of Idiots contributor:darryl hell
Most missing child alerts circulated via e-mail fall into one of two categories: genuine reports of missing children that continue to be forwarded long after the child has been found, or hoaxes imploring readers to look for children who aren't missing or don't exist.
May 27 2006 Musicians with Nothing to Say contributor:tamra spyvey
I've been reading an amazing book The Culture of Make Believe by Derrick Jensen, I highly recommend it to anyone. Jensen unflinchingly digs into the tangled history of money and violence. Telling the story of a black woman in Georgia in 1918 who after her husband was killed by the Klan vowed revenge and then was abducted, hung up, had her belly slit open with a pork knife and her eight month old fetus's head stomped in front of her before being tortured to death, Derrick doesn't blame racism alone. He points out that some very fertile land was abandoned shortly after when the black community fled the area.
May 25 2006 Hating the Hate Mail contributor:tamra spyvey
As a female opinion journalist, I've been called everything from bitch to whore to sweetie. As a young woman, I stepped out into the treacherous waters of opinion journalism, and was amazed by the lack of civil discourse and the intensity of personal attacks that I received via e-mail, letters to the editor and on Web postings.
May 25 2006 Arundhati Roy: Back In the U.S.A. contributor:tamra spyvey
Author/activist Arundhati Roy discusses President Bush's embarrassing trip to India, the war in Iraq, and why she avoids America.
May 24 2006 The War Against the Internet contributor:tamra spyvey
Net Neutrality is such a boring pair of words it's hard to get excited about it. But imagine an Internet without it. Right now if you have a good broadband connection you can explore with equal speed Walmart's website or the most obscure band or news site run by some wild eyed visionary on the edge of civilization.
May 23 2006 Our Hidden Government contributor:and eye
We are grateful to the Washington Post, the New York Times, Time magazine and other great publications whose directors have attended our meetings and respected the promises of discretion for almost forty years. It would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if we had been subject to the bright lights of publicity during those years.
May 23 2006 Once We Were Free and had a Real Childhood contributor:chris flam
TO ALL THE KIDS WHO WERE BORN IN THE 1930's 40's, 50's, 60's and 70's !!
May 23 2006 Dispensing With 'The Da Vinci Code' contributor:and eye
Some people will believe anything. A number of people believe in intelligent aliens, that rich dying Nigerians want to give them millions of dollars, that there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, that Bill Clinton didnt have sexual relations with that woman, etc. The problems with these claims and others like them is that they are either directly contradicted by known evidence or are arguments from silence (no evidence). This sort of silliness was taken to a whole new level with the early 80s novel Holy Blood, Holy Grail and by the 2003 best-seller (and now motion picture) The Da Vinci Code.
May 23 2006 Stop Blaming Myspace contributor:jade
Anybody happen to catch Nightline last night on ABC? In case you didn't, one of the hot topics discussed was MySpace. It is no secret to anyone who reads the newspaper or watches the 6 o'clock news that MySpace has been in the limelight because of "sexual predators" trying to "abduct and corrupt" the youth of the world.
May 22 2006 Nixon's "bright young guy" on President Cheney contrbutor:tamra spyvey
Here is a transcript of an interview with John Dean of Watergate fame. Dean was Nixon's White House counsel for three years and then testified against him. He is the author, most recently, of "Worse Than Watergate: The Secret Presidency of George W. Bush." On March 31, Dean testified in favor of Senator Russ Feingold's censure bill. The interview was conducted on April 28 by Matthew Rothschild, the editor of The Progressive magazine.
May 22 2006 The Religious Left is Back contributor:tamra spyvey
Long overshadowed by the Christian right, religious liberals across a wide swath of denominations are engaged today in their most intensive bout of political organizing and alliance-building since the civil rights and anti-Vietnam War movements of the 1960s, according to scholars, politicians and clergy members. In large part, the revival of the religious left is a reaction against conservatives' success in the 2004 elections in equating moral values with opposition to abortion and same-sex marriage.
May 22 2006 Follow the money. Screw veterans, yay goose step contributor:tamra spyvey
Here's two articles that belong together. Many of our soldiers and their family and friends are fiercely pro Bush and act as if anyone who disagrees with the president is practically a terrorist. These poor dupes have no clue how they are being used.
May 21 2006 "Guest Worker" or Modern Slave contributor:darryl hell
It's amazing to me that in 2006 America can have a national debate over a "guest worker" program. But in a country that has no grasp of history, it shouldn't surprise anyone.
May 19 2006 How the Right Stole the Sixties contributor:tamra spyvey
I've always had this crazy theory and it's part of the reason I play rock and roll. From my own experience I know how bleak and frustrating the roles we are supposed to play in traditional society are. When I first got into the rock and roll lifestyle in high school I felt like a sioux indian who had miraculously escaped a christian school. My clothes, my long free hair, my love of nature, my fierce love of freedom, my personalized spiritual beliefs based on experiences not preaching, my anger, my creativity, my voice, all of it came back to me when rock and roll found me.
May 19 2006 Christianity in America Under Attack contributor:tamra spyvey
This Sunday, May 21, on The Interfaith Alliance's national radio show State of Belief, Rev. Welton Gaddy exposes the coordinated effort to undermine mainline Protestantism -- and render America's largest denominations incapable of standing up to right wing politics.
May 19 2006 Stop the Church of Scientology's Crimes contributor:DasKreestof
A former member of the church of scientology on my friends list is getting harrassed by, you guessed it, the Church of Scientology. "I would appreciate it if you took the time to check out my profile. I have a lot of interesting facts on it. If you'd like to help spread this information further, feel free to add me. I have only had the profile up for a few weeks and have had a 6, 000 hits and close to 900 friends. It's been pretty effective so far. I'm here to educate people on the TRUE agenda of the Church of Scientology. For those already in the "church", it's next to impossible to have a discussion about the negatives of the "church". The most you can do is plant the seed of doubt. Once again, if you want to know more, check out my links and information and add me if you'd like. Thanks in advance!"
May 18 2006 Howard Zinn on Fixing What's Wrong contributor:tamra spyvey
People think there must be some magical tactic, beyond the traditional ones -- protests, demonstrations, vigils, civil disobedience -- but there is no magical panacea, only persistence. When I arrived at Boston University in 1978, it was like showing up at a party after all the guests had gone home. The Civil Rights movement and the Vietnam War protests were over, and everyone around me was studying business and honing their resumes. The Sixties had died. All the activists were gone.
May 18 2006 The War On Sex contributor:tamra spyvey
America is facing unprecedented crisis. The impact of terrorism is exposing some ugly realities about our government devestating our civil rights. Our vulnerability to terror remains absurdly high. Security at our nuclear power plants is laughable and as with any business that donates millions to the Republican cause the administration has blocked every attempt to make our nuclear and chemical industries safer. In fact the exposure is so extreme, and the potential catastrophe so horrifying, it makes you wonder if somebody knows there are no terrorists. The other alternative, that we are sleep walking, sedated by greed, is even more terrifying.
May 17 2006 The "new" footage of the Pentagon Attack contributor:and eye
First of all--regardless of any of this pointless debate about what hit the Pentagon--let's make one this abundantly clear: NORAD let it happen. The North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) maintains tight control of US airspace. NO unauthorized aircraft are allowed to fly in Pentagon airspace. On 9/11, NORAD was directed to let the planes continue to fly when normal protocol would have been to shoot them down. No matter how you feel about various conspiracy theories (including the official US Government sponsored conspiracy theory) there is no way to argue against that.
May 16 2006 Check out "Loose Change" [version 2] contributor:kymba
I just watched this crazy movie that I think you all should see. Its a documentary about the 911 attacks. Its about an hour and 20 mins long and I promise it will be well worth your time.
May 16 2006 "New" Pentagon Video release is planned by the Necons contributor:and eye
A non-profit organization called Judicial Watch filed the FOIA request to have the Pentagon security camera video released... Let's take a look at who is behind Judicial Watch, shall we?
May 16 2006 World's Biggest Polluter: We're Number One! USA! USA! contributor:tamra spyvey
There's dicks, there's pussies, and there's assholes. I thought the USA was a dick, but I think we're actually an asshole judging from the following. I pasted an article after this one that shines a ray of hope as Elliot Spitzer and some of the states of the union haved sued the EPA over Bush's deregulations of power plant emissions. Go Elliot!
May 13 2006 How money is created in America... contributor: And Eye
The federal government adds ink to a piece of paper, creates impressive designs around the edges, and calls it a bond or Treasury note. It is merely a promise to pay a specified sum at a specified interest on a specified date. As we shall see in the following steps, this debt eventually becomes the foundation for almost the entire nation's money supply. In reality, the government has created cash, but it doesn't yet look like cash. To convert these IOUs into paper bills and checkbook money is the function of the Federal Reserve System. To bring about that transformation, the bond is given to the Fed where it is then classified as a...
May 11 2006 Hillary and Rupert sitting in a tree contributor: Tamra Spivey
Excuse me for not getting fired up when I hear Democratic leaders bleating about the "culture of corruption" in Washington under GOP rule. Sometimes I have to laugh ... and not because the charges against the Republicans aren't true. They're totally true.
May 10 2006 My Space Trackers Do Not Work contributor:and eye
I tried Profile Snoop. It only shows you people that have looked at your page if they are also members of profile snoop. Otherwise it just shows up as profile ..0...
May 09 2006 Liberia Sex-for-Aid "Widespread" contributor:tamra spivey
It boggles the mind. What kind of scum uses food to get a starving child to fuck him? What kind of pig thinks: "wow I feel horny among all these starving people, might as well live out my fantasies." Scary. Tamra
May 09 2006 Stalin for President! contributor:tamra spivey
For awhile now I've been stuck on how much our government resembles Bolshevik Russia. Before you laugh at how extreme that statement is consider that our senators and congressmen have a higher return to office percentage than the commisars ever enjoyed. We spy on our own people. Practice 1984ish doublespeak (the clear skies initiative for example). Bribery rules the halls of our governments. If America was as poor as Russia was then there would be bread lines and secret police, too. There already are, they just haven't hit the middle class. Since we are a wealthy country we can lull ourselves into thinking things aren't that bad.
May 08 2006 Revolting Pharmacists and the Ultimate Total Abortion contributor:tamra spivey
The subject of this bulletin sounds like a cool band line up, huh? The biosphere is changing, almost everyone now seems to agree. It's changing because billions of humans are pouring toxic chemicals into it constantly and have been for years. Teflon shows up in the blood of kids whose parents never owned a teflon pot, carried in the water and air. Fish in remote waters show elevated traces of mercury and oil. There's a big ugly hole in the Earth's aura.
May 07 2006 14 year old Iraqi boy murdered by cops for being gay contributor:tamra spivey
Published on Friday, May 5, 2006 by the Independent / UK Iraqi Police 'Killed 14-Year-Old Boy for Being Homosexual' by Jerome Taylor Human rights groups have condemned the "barbaric" murder of a 14-year-old boy, who, according to witnesses, was shot on his doorstep by Iraqi police for the apparent crime of being gay.
May 06 2006 Pigs Gorging on Katrina contributor: Tamra Spivey
Washington - While removing enough debris to cover Britain, contractors working on hurricane recovery have overbilled the government in a $63 billion operation that only will get more expensive, according to a House report Thursday. Mileage claims were overstated to get extra fees, debris was mixed improperly to inflate prices and companies sent bills twice for removing the same loads, Democrats on the GOP-controlled House Government Reform Committee found.
May 05 2006 Rape in the U.S. military: a report from the trenches contributor:Tamra Spivey
The following is an excerpt from the forthcoming book, 10 Excellent Reasons Not to Join the Military to be published on May 18, 2006 by The New Press. Aimee Allison served as a medic in the Army Reserves and received an honorable discharge as a conscientious objector during the Persian Gulf War. I desperately wanted out of my small-minded hometown of Antioch, California, and the military recruiter on my high school campus promised me an escape hatch. The family that my white mother and African American father created was based on the belief that the hard work and democratic values of 1960s activists made equality my birthright.
Apr 30 2006 rape culture south african style contributor: Tamra Spivey of Lucid Nation
"I was raped four times" screamed the headline in a South African Newspaper recently. At the center of the story: South Africa's top gospel diva, Rebecca Malope. Malope, 38, revealed to the Sunday Sun that a late uncle and a family friend raped her in 1977 when she was 11 years old. The stunning revelation came on the eve of closing arguments in the rape trial of former South African deputy president Jacob Zuma.
Apr 28 2006 Those of you bitching about gas prices...
how about you decide to break your addiction to the products that the oil companies sell, rather than trying to force them to sell it to you for cheaper? you are addicted. face it. forcing the dealer to play fair is not going to work. you have to break your addiction.
Apr 25 2006 The Ten Worst Corporations of 2005
2005 was a good year for bad corporations. There were no U.S. elections to worry about, with their troubling possibility of politicians running on the popular platform of curbing corporate power. There were corporate scandals and corporate crime and violence galore, but none that rated the ongoing banner headlines of Enron and WorldCom. Indeed, the ongoing prosecutions of individuals associated with corporate financial scandals enabled Big Business and its apologists to claim there had actually been a crackdown on corporate crime.
Apr 25 2006 Tehran Insider Tells of US Black Ops
Tehran - A former Iranian ambassador and Islamic Republic insider has provided intriguing details to Asia Times Online about US covert operations inside Iran aimed at destabilizing the country and toppling the regime - or preparing for an American attack. "The Iranian government knows and is aware of such infiltration. It means that the Iranian government has identified them [the covert operatives] but for some reason does not want to show [this]," said the former diplomat on condition of anonymity.
Apr 25 2006 KICK ASS letter to Bush
Mr. President, Do you ever wake up in the middle of the night? Do you? Do you ever wake up sleepless in the middle of the night? What have you done in Iraq? Do you ever realize, in the middle of the night, what you've done? You've caused over 2,370 American soldiers to die in an impoverished land that never attacked us. Was that the right answer to 9/11 or the "threat" from Iraq? Do you ever ask yourself that question?
Apr 25 2006 Let the whores die; chapter 2
Witch trials weren't exactly backwoods excesses of zealotry. They were elaborate performances grounded in law and the expertise of what was then, in early modern Europe, considered the best-available evidence. That witch-hunting's most feverish age coincided with the rational insurgency of Galileo, Descartes, and Newton didn't diminish witch trials' credibility. To the contrary, the trials reset morality's clock to God time. Scientists were the heretics.
Apr 23 2006 Ten years of prison for a tit flash?
I bet there's a shitload of evangelicals and conservatives who would love to see America become this "godly"! It's amazing to me how here in the 21st century on the verge of the nanotech and biotech revolutions, there are bazillions of people all over planet Earth, of both genders, who suffer some kind of compulsion about repressing and oppressing females. WTF?
Apr 22 2006 How to make big money
Hawaii Cuba Philippines Puerto Rico Nicaragua Honduras Iran Guatemala South Vietnam Chile Grenada Panama Afghanistan Iraq What do these 14 governments have in common?
Apr 20 2006 100s of females murdered in Juarez since 90s
Since the early nineties, hundreds of girls and young women have been brutally murdered (often raped, mutilated, and dumped in the desert) in the Mexican border town of Juarez. These crimes remain unsolved and have brought into focus the many inequities and injustices of the maquiladora system and the Mexican legal system and plutocracy. This Friday (April 21st) from 4-5 PM (Pacific Time) on his weekly radio show, OUT THE RABBIT HOLE, hear a friend of mine interview playwright J.P. Smith.
Apr 20 2006 Stop Fake "Clinics" from Deceiving Women
So-called "crisis pregnancy centers" are proliferating across the nation a deceitful new tactic of the anti-choice movement to keep women from getting the accurate education and health services they seek. An Indiana mother recently accompanied her daughter and her daughter's boyfriend to one of Indiana's Planned Parenthood clinics, but they unwittingly walked into a "crisis pregnancy center" run by an anti-abortion group one that shared a parking lot with the real Planned Parenthood clinic, and was designed expressly to lure PP patients and deceive them.
Apr 20 2006 Congress is selling out the Internet
Do you use Google, buy music, clothes or books online, or download to an Ipod? These activities will be hurt if Congress passes a radical law that gives giant corporations more control over the Internet. Internet providers like AT&T and Verizon are lobbying Congress hard to gut Network Neutrality, the Internet's First Amendment. Net Neutrality prevents AT&T from choosing which websites open most easily for you based on which site pays AT&T more. doesn't have to outbid Barnes & Noble for the right to work better on your computer.
Apr 19 2006 Baton bashing a 70 year old female poet = security
Human rights organization Amnesty International stated in a recent report that discrimination against women still exists in 36 countries. Iran is among those on the list. Discrimination against women in Iran is not the same as in Saudi Arabia or other Arab countries where women cannot drive or vote. In Iran women can drive; they can even participate in car races. They not only can vote, but have been elected numerous times as Members of Parliament though they are excluded from presidential candidature. In the arts, Iranian women have won acclaim as painters, poets, film directors, and film stars.
Apr 19 2006 Join the Coca Cola boycott! Here's why.
The softdrink giant's abysmal human rights record is finally catching up with it. The ballroom at the Hotel du Pont in Wilmington, Delaware, is the picture of opulence. Paintings of Greek gods and goddesses peer down from the walls, lit by two crystal chandeliers the size of Mini Coopers. It's here in April that the Coca-Cola Company will hold its stockholders' meeting, an annual exercise designed to boost the confidence of investors. If the meeting is anything like last year's, however, it may do the opposite. As stockholders filed into the room in April 2005, news hadn't been good for Coke, which has steadily lost market share to rivals. Investors were eager for reassurance from CEO Neville Isdell, a patrician Irishman who had recently assumed the top job. Few in the room, however, were prepared for what happened next.
Apr 19 2006 10 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day every day!
How can we live lightly on the Earth and save money at the same time? In honor of Earth Day 2006, the Worldwatch Institute teams up with the Washington, D.C. members of SustainUS, the U.S. youth network for sustainable development, to share some ideas on how to go green and save green at home and at work.
Apr 18 2006 Using Children as 'God's Army' = mental illness contributor:tamra spyvey
Sometimes my own bulletins leave me speechless. This one describes a world so nuts you'd think it came from some X rated episode of the Twilight Zone kept under raps for centuries, but it is all true. I don't know what's most horrifying about it. Rev. Moon's cave man opinion of women? The fact that millions of people believe and practice this nut case's prescriptions? The huge sums of money he gives our right wingers (including George W. Bush)? The money his ministers of lunacy get from our tax dollars? It's amazing to me that something as pure as rock and roll, when it's an engine for liberation, equality, and love of life, has been reduced to the ruin it is today, a shadow of itself, enslaved to selling soap for the corporations that own it, and meanwhile a lunatic like Moon can become a billionaire with an army of dedicated followers.
Apr 18 2006 "Satan is clinging to our sexual organs"
Sometimes my own bulletins leave me speechless. This one describes a world so nuts you'd think it came from some X rated episode of the Twilight Zone kept under raps for centuries, but it is all true. I don't know what's most horrifying about it. Rev. Moon's cave man opinion of women? The fact that millions of people believe and practice this nut case's prescriptions? The huge sums of money he gives our right wingers (including George W. Bush)? The money his ministers of lunacy get from our tax dollars? It's amazing to me that something as pure as rock and roll, when it's an engine for liberation, equality, and love of life, has been reduced to the ruin it is today, a shadow of itself, enslaved to selling soap for the corporations that own it, and meanwhile a lunatic like Moon can become a billionaire with an army of dedicated followers.
Apr 18 2006 "Satan is clinging to our sexual organs"
Sometimes my own bulletins leave me speechless. This one describes a world so nuts you'd think it came from some X rated episode of the Twilight Zone kept under raps for centuries, but it is all true. I don't know what's most horrifying about it. Rev. Moon's cave man opinion of women? The fact that millions of people believe and practice this nut case's prescriptions? The huge sums of money he gives our right wingers (including George W. Bush)? The money his ministers of lunacy get from our tax dollars? It's amazing to me that something as pure as rock and roll, when it's an engine for liberation, equality, and love of life, has been reduced to the ruin it is today, a shadow of itself, enslaved to selling soap for the corporations that own it, and meanwhile a lunatic like Moon can become a billionaire with an army of dedicated followers.
Apr 16 2006 South Dakota becomes a battleground for choice
I'll say again what I said last time this came up in a bulletin. My life was saved by an abortion. If the South Dakota law had been in place, a doctor would have decided my fate. South Dakota representative Napoli explained under what circumstances an abortion might be allowed: "A real-life description to me would be a rape victim, brutally raped, savaged. The girl was a virgin. She was religious. She planned on saving her virginity until she was married. She was brutalized and raped, sodomized as bad as you can possibly make it, and is impregnated. I mean, that girl could be so messed up, physically and psychologically, that carrying that child could very well threaten her life."
Apr 14 2006 Grandmas for choice take on South Dakota!
South Dakota's statewide abortion ban is based on a politically biased and medically inaccurate report by the South Dakota Task Force to Study Abortion. The December 2005 report issued by the South Dakota Task Force to Study Abortion (SDTFSA) cleared the way for Governor Mike Rounds to sign into law a statewide ban on abortion on March 6, 2006. After hearing testimony from more than 30 experts on both sides of the debate, the SDTFSA willfully ignored all pro-choice testimony, and even the suggestions of its few pro-choice members. In producing a final report that represents an extreme agenda including the subsequent statewide abortion ban the SDTFSA defies scientific evidence, undermines good medical practice, threatens the health and lives of women in South Dakota, and will exhaust the state's limited resources on costly legal battles.
Apr 12 2006 What will W do next?
President George W. Bush's presidency is a disaster - one that's still unfolding. In a mid-2004 column, I argued that, at that point, Bush had already demonstrated that he possessed the least attractive and most troubling traits among those that political scientist James Dave Barber has cataloged in his study of Presidents' personality types.
Apr 05 2006 Teen runs over grandmother, police say
Apr 04 2006 The Apples May Roll Far from the Tree; Martin Luther King’s Kids, a Sad Choice and a Funeral
When Coretta Scott King, widow of Martin Luther King, Jr., had her funeral, few people realized what had gone on behind the scenes. What happened was one of the most disrespectful and disturbing events to come to the civil rights community in recent years.
Mar 28 2006 Charlie Sheen Goes Viral and Speaks Out Against Official 9/11 Story
After more than four years, anyone who has payed attention to the verifiable evidence understands that something isn't right about what we've been told about the issues surrounding the day of 9/11/01. Now a powerful and widely loved celebrity speaks up and brings the debate back to the forefront.
Jan 31 2006 s6k Presents Another State of the State of the Union
Many Americans, even liberals, have stated that the economy is mostly doing okay except in certain areas; ghettos, rural areas and such. This flies in the face of any factual accounting...even from the unaffected government officials themselves.
Jan 18 2006 Bomb Sniffing Dog Proves itself to be a Dud
As she bounced on a trampoline, the 9-year-old Girl Scout could see the police dog jumping the fence and approaching her. That's when Courtney Imoukhuede of Lawrence­ville ran for the door.
The FEMA case, McWaters v. FEMA, a class action, filed in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Louisiana on November 10, 2005 challenges FEMA’s failure to, among other things, fulfill its mandate to provide housing assistance to the Katrina survivors and its inexcusably slow processing of applications.
Jan 16 2006 The Continued Dream; Observing Martin Luther King's B-Day
In the name of preserving an accurate vision of what Martin Luther King stood for, I present to you our annual offering of the complete text of MLK's "I Have a Dream" speech. It was given in Washington in 1963 during a day of national Black resistance and protest, remembered for the March on Washington, DC.
Jan 04 2006 Gettin the drug dealer and not the King Pins
If the world was fair, there would have been about 50 people hanging with him, over half of which would have been United States politicians. Saddam being hung...without his sad they couldn't join the party.
Oct 03 2005 Will Israel Start WW 3?
Israeli rhetoric towards Iran has considerably heated in the last few weeks as the world hurtles towards an inevitable confrontation over Iran's nuclear programs.
Oct 01 2005 Critically Massed
I decided to do the Critical Mass bike ride again, (after a few months off, for good behavior). It was sad to see how few people showed up for the ride. Usually the whole back part of Union Square is filled with chatty cyclists of all shapes and sizes. This time, there were about 150 people, milling around the steps on 14th St.
Sep 22 2005 Do you Live Where You Want to Live or Where You Can Live?
Conventional wisdom has it that it makes more sense to put your money into equity than into rent, to take a tax break on a mortgage than to line a landlord's pockets. But a substantial portion of the American population -- about 30%, according to the U.S. Census Bureau -- still rents its housing.
Sep 17 2005 Pat Robertson Goes Overboard...Again!
Good satire neatly straddles the divide between the believable and the incredible, and the Dateline Hollywood article quoted above achieved that balance so well that many readers mistook it for a straight news article. This acceptance was due in large part to U.S. evangelist Pat Robertson's history of making rather outrageous public statements on his 700 Club television program, including his recent call for the assassination of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez.
Sep 16 2005 Atta Papers Detroyed by Pentagon
A Pentagon employee was ordered to destroy documents that identified Mohamed Atta as a terrorist two years before the 2001 attacks, a congressman said Thursday.
Sep 15 2005 Crude Manipulation; Are We being Fleeced by Slimy Oil...Again
Supposedly gas prices are going through the roof because of an oil shortage. The hurricane made things worse. But it looks increasingly as though this is an out-and-out scam. The industry is awash with crude oil. However, it has reduced refinery output because selling refined products has been a money loser.
Sep 13 2005 an 1800 Colonial Williamsburg Experience
There's a new [to me] commercial advertising tourism in Colonial Williamsburg, PA, US. The version I saw featured a young, White child imagining himself in the image of the 1800's he's been programmed with. He envisioned chopping wood, being a valiant pilgram, log cabins and such...
Sep 09 2005 The censored speech of John Lewis [September 9, 1963]
The following is the text of the speech the Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committe (SNCC) Chairman John Lewis was prevented from delivering at the March on Washington in August 1963. It was printed in in the September 9, 1963 issue of The Militant. John Lewis has since become a Democratic Party Congressman from Atlanta Georgia.
Sep 06 2005 RUNews_Rehnquist Dies...Humanity Sighs...
Most of the coverage about Rehnquist has been focused on "his sharp intellect," how witty he was, how he was a great lawyer, how he "balanced out the court,"... But mainstream media has had no more than a very brief mention, with an additional counter argument attached, of his segregationist past AND present.
Sep 06 2005 Katrina victims, How to Help and Where to Get the Facts [fwded by DJ Spooky]
Hey People - this is an email I [DJ Spooky] received from a colleague. If there's anything that we can do to help people in New Orleans, its with resources as people - the government is overwhelmed, and acting much slower than these grassroots organizations. Here's a solid list of info
Sep 06 2005 Words, Video, and Pictures from Katrina
This is an archive of Katrina communications from people who were on the ground. It's incredibly sobering as well as full of devastating pictures you've never seen before.
Sep 06 2005 Cynthia McKinney on Hurricane Katrina
Cynthia McKinney Statement on Hurricane Katrina September 2, 2005
Sep 06 2005 Tim Wise Breaks his Paralyzed State to Speak on Katrina
Tim Wise, who is a brilliant white anti-racism activist, and lived in New Orleans 1986-1996, just sent us [The Posse Foundation] this...We will continue to forward his commentaries on the unpreventable hurricane, and its preventable aftermath, over the coming days...
Aug 17 2005 "Able Danger" Intel Exposed Protected Heroin Ring
Mohamed Atta was protected from official scrutiny as part of an officially-protected criminal narcotics trafficking enterprise with ties to top Republican officials including Jeb Bush and Katherine Harris, and it was this fact—and not the “terrible lapses” of “weak on terror” Clinton Administration officials cited by Republican Congressman Curt Weldon—which shielded him from apprehension before the 9.11 attack.
Aug 01 2005 The War Party Means Business
"The Pentagon, acting under instructions from Vice President Dick Cheney's office, has tasked the United States Strategic Command (STRATCOM) with drawing up a contingency plan to be employed in response to another 9/11-type terrorist attack on the United States.
Jul 28 2005 Muslim Cleric says Al-Queda Does Not Exist
Mohammad Naseem today also appeared on BBC radio and asserted that there is no evidence Al Qaeda exists, no evidence it carried out the London Bombings and that it is a construction of Intelligence agencies falling in line with the CIA.
Jul 25 2005 Assasins,Drug Running, Sexual Rituals, Ex-Insiders Wife Speaks Out
For 11 long years, Kay Griggs heard all the messy details from her military husband, usually while he was drinking before going into one of his drunken stupors.
Jul 19 2005 London Plot Thickens
As was the case following 9/11 and all post-9/11 "terror" events, an official new propaganda legend is being constructed to justify whatever Anglo-American-Israeli aggression that is sure to follow.
Jul 18 2005 Rep.McKinney Hosts Full Day of 9/11 Citizen's Responses
One year after the release of the 9/11 Commission Final Report many questions about what transpired on September 11, 2001 and who should be held accountable still remain unanswered.
Jul 12 2005 A Warning To The World
The London bombings are a clear indication that the Globalists have not changed tactics and are getting ever more desperate to advance an agenda based on a simple time tested manipulation of fear.
Jul 11 2005 A Prescription For Facism
Director of the Center for Strategic and Policy Studies at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and a former head of the Mossad, Halevi presents a clear, unabashed view of what is supposedly required to fight the "world war" we are now engaged in, and he doesn't pull any punches.
Jul 06 2005 The Controlled Demolition of the WTC
This is a clip from the new documentary Loose Change, which features firefighters and other eyewitnesses discussing explosions at the World Trade Center and examines the physical evidence.
Jun 19 2005 Wall of Shame. Senators who Refused to Sign Anti-lynching Resolution
Here are the 20 Senators who 1) refused to co-sponsor the anti-lynching resolution passed yesterday, and 2) refused a roll-call vote so they'd have to put their name on the resolution.
Jun 19 2005 Thanks from
Happy Juneteenth, Today marks the 3rd anniversary of Thank you for all your support.
Jun 14 2005 Chainsaw Lunatic Crosses Canadian Boarder into the US
BOSTON (AP) On the morning of April 25, Gregory Despres hitchhiked to the Canadian border crossing at Calais, Maine, carrying a homemade sword, a hatchet, a knife, brass knuckles and a chain saw stained by what appeared to be blood.
Jun 13 2005 Downing Street Memo Puts Pressure on Bush
Six weeks ago The Sunday Times published the leaked minutes of a July 2002 Downing Street meeting in which Tony Blair committed Britain to war in Iraq months before parliament was consulted.
Jun 06 2005 The War Party on Trial
The discovery of a labyrinth of underground bunkers used by the insurgency – complete with air-conditioning, shower facilities, and furnished living space – in western Iraq yielded a rich arsenal of sophisticated weaponry...
Jun 04 2005 Nixon's Watergate and JFK's Murder
Richard Nixon was forced to resign because of Watergate and the “feeding frenzy” over it initiated by the Washington Post. Yet, this same Post has been silent about the Iraqi-related lies of George W. Bush! Why did the Post ignore the CIA connections to Watergate?
May 31 2005 Why did Feith resign? Israel spy investigation?
The headline of this New York Sun article by Eli Lake on the progress of the case [.pdf] against Lawrence A. Franklin, a Pentagon analyst accused of handing over sensitive information to Israel, has got to take the cake for sheer gall: "Pentagon Analyst In Israel Spy Case Is Called a 'Patriot'"!
May 25 2005 The Franklin Affair: A Spreading Treason
The vagaries of U.S. involvement in the Middle East were surely brought home to First Lady Laura Bush on her recent trip to Israel, on a tour of Jerusalem's holiest sites. At the Wailing Wall, where she placed a note in the Western Wall – as is the custom – she faced surly throngs of protesters shouting "Free Pollard Now!"
May 17 2005 Tim McNiven on PAX lie detector
Tim McNiven, who I [Luis Colon] interviewed on S6K, appears on the PAX Lie Detector TV show on May 24th.
May 11 2005 Generations of Blowback and Karma: Reflections on our Founder's B-Day
At the age of 41, I've seen a number of changes to the US specifically and the world as a whole that seem almost sci-fi. I'll tick off a few and then get to my point.
May 04 2005 Margarita Lopez for Borough President of Manhattan: Put a Truth Teller Where it Counts
This past Friday I [Magarita Lopez]introduced City Council legislation to defend our civil rights: to stop unconstitutional arrests and the seizure of private property.
May 02 2005 Secrets of the Federal Reserve
On the night of November 22, 1910, a group of newspaper reporters stood disconsolately in the railway station at Hoboken, New Jersey. They had just watched a delegation of the nation’s leading financiers leave the station on a secret mission. It would be years before they discovered what that mission was...
May 01 2005 Neo-Cons, Team B, and Northwoods oh my...
In 1976, a group of Zionist were trying to pressure the Ford Administration for more arms aid and cash infusions to Israel. The effort was led by Senator Henry "Scoop" Jackson who argued that Israel needed more military might to protect the Middle East against "Soviet aggression". Team B would one day evolve into the most dangerous political fringe sect in history; The Neo-Cons.
Apr 28 2005 Alabama Bill Targets Gay Authors
MONTGOMERY, Ala., April 27, 2005 Books by Tennessee Williams, Alice Walker, Gore Vidal, Truman Capote and others would be banned under an Alabama bill being considered.
Apr 28 2005 Lawsuit Takes on the Fake Financial System
John Ruiz Dempsey filed a class action lawsuit on April 15 on behalf of the People of Canada alleging the financial system creates money out of “thin air.”
Apr 26 2005 Stop the Dorm: A message from our gal pal Penny Arcade
Apr 22 2005 Cynthia McKinney Speaks at Chicago Anti-War Rally
Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney Chicago Anti-War rally March 19, 2005 Two years ago we gathered all across America to say no to war. We were joined by people all over the planet who know that there is an alternative to war. But war is about the only option available when the real motive is to steal natural resources that belong to someone else.
Apr 19 2005 "It's in My Brain Now...": Human Scanner Technology - A Scary Glimpse into the Present
I am amazed that people are actually inserting microchips in themselves in the name of clubbing. The masses truly ARE asses. They have no idea that they are going to be the testers for the larger, incredibly profitable scheme, I'm sure Applied Digital Solutions and others are planning for.
Apr 17 2005 C-span to cover 911 truth talk!!!
C-Span will challenge the official version of the 9/11 "terrorist attacks" with a nationwide delayed broadcast of a talk by David Ray Griffin at U.W.-Madison Monday 4/18/05, 7:30 p.m., in 272 Bascom Hall. The public is invited to attend, and admission is free.
Apr 15 2005 A.S. - Artificial Stupidity
Fed up with invitations to submit papers for science conferences, three MIT students devised a software program that deliberately churned out nonsensical scientific gibberish.
Apr 02 2005 Towers planned in 1976-Luis Colon interviews Tim McNiven
In 1976 Congress commissioned a plan to determine how terrorists could attack the WTC, the plan included hijacked planes and box cutters. The exercise was run by the Pentagon and the Central Intelligence Agency, it used C-Baterry 2/81st Field Artillery, U.S. Army stationed in Strassburg, Germany.
Apr 02 2005 Towers planned in 1976-Luis Colon interviews Tim McNiven
In 1976 Congress commissioned a plan to determine how terrorists could attack the WTC, the plan included hijacked planes and box cutters. The exercise was run by the Pentagon and the Central Intelligence Agency, it used C-Baterry 2/81st Field Artillery, U.S. Army stationed in Strassburg, Germany.
Mar 30 2005 A message from the Catholic Peace Fellowship of New Jersey
This time, a VERY provocative article by Brian Terrell, Executive Director of Catholic Peace Ministry. I first read it in The New Southern Catholic Radical, which is published more or less 4 times a year, with always interesting articles.
Mar 29 2005 Geronimo Pratt Lawyer, Johnny Cochran, Dies at 67
Many will think of the eternally branded phrase, "If it doesn't fit. You must acquit," when they think of lawyer Johnny Cochran. I suppose the Jackson trial would be there too. Will people think of the many people he defended pro bono?
Mar 24 2005 A Perfect Fit: Wolfowitz at the World Bank
A Perfect Fit: Wolfowitz at the World Bank Prison Planet Jude Wanniski | March 17 2005 If you really don't know what the "World Bank" is all about, you would think that President Bush was joking in nominating Paul Wolfowitz to be the new president of the Bank, replacing Jim Wolfensohn.
Mar 20 2005 Cynthia McKinney Presses Rumsfeld on DOD Debt and Contracts
Transcript of Representative Cynthia McKinney's Exchange with Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Richard Myers, and Under Secretary of Defense (Comptroller) Tina Jonas, March 11th, 2005
Mar 12 2005 Another Reminder for Black People in the "United States"
In Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn, New York City, some people went to observe police activity in their neighborhood. They would learn that they have no right to observe the police and or question their actions, even in their own community. It's time to realize where we are really at and get focused. Black people must obtain and then maintain financial, political and legal influence over their communities, just as every other culture has without issue.
Mar 05 2005 Cynthia McKinney is Back...Loud, Well-Researched and Proud, bringing the Facts to Rumsfeld
Please go to; click on 109th Congress; click on Feb 16 Rumsfeld Myers Budget hearing; scroll to 2 hours, 56 minutes--right at the very end of the hearing. Hear McKinney then Watch Rumsfeld and Myers.
Mar 04 2005 Paul Wolfowitz's Race to be Top World Bank Teller
Paul Wolfowitz, the deputy secretary of defense, is under serious consideration to become the next president of the World Bank, according to a source in the administration of George W. Bush.
Mar 03 2005 The US and its Empires of Oppression
It's shocking that we can live in a society that would allow feeble rhetoric to pass for substantive solutions for our country's many problems. You know what I'm talking about...Bush's "State of the Union." It might be the state of his union, but it doesn't resemble the union that I see and read about. One could point the finger of blame at the misinformation that comes from the administration and be correct. One could point the finger at the media and also be correct. But pointing fingers of blame will do you little good in respect to solving [y]our problem[s].
Mar 02 2005 Cherokee County Man Bungles Four Tries to Kill Wife
Robert Franklin Holcombe was really good at spending money, but really bad at trying to kill his wife. First, he broke a natural gas line to the water heater, hoping it would cause an explosion. Then, he tried pumping the house full of carbon monoxide by leaving a running car in the garage. After that, he tried poison — twice.
Jan 25 2005 An interview with a Marine; Life, Blood and Reality
To start the new year right (a bit late, but worth the wait), we have a special treat for you. We have a new writer on board, by the name of (to be announced). He is a former Marine (once a Marine, always a Marine) who has many experiences to share with you. It is our hope to give you a soldiers eye view of conflict and military life.
Jan 10 2005 Boston area Court Solidarity Needed Twice this Week
Court solidarity needed twice this week; monday, january 10 - 9.m. Boston: DNC TRIAL - JAKE and thursday, january 13 - 9 a.m. Cambridge, MA: AIMEE SMITH'S TRIAL
Jan 09 2005 $240,000 of Your Tax Dollars go to 1 Commentator to Promote NCLB
Seeking to build support among black families for its education reform law, the Bush administration paid a prominent black pundit $240,000 to promote the law on his nationally syndicated television show and to urge other black journalists to do the same.
Jan 09 2005 PART 2 - Commentator on the Take Has Been Fired, so what about our $240,000?
NEW YORK Tribune Media Services (TMS) tonight terminated its contract with columnist Armstrong Williams, effective immediately. But Williams told E&P that he plans to continue his feature via self-syndication.
Jan 09 2005 Government Accountability Office said the Bush Administration Produced and Distributed Cove
The Government Accountability Office, an investigative arm of Congress, said on Thursday that the Bush administration violated federal law by producing and distributing television news segments about the effects of drug use among young people.
Jan 07 2005 Alberto Gonzales, his Testimony vs. His Record
Attorney General nominee Alberto R. Gonzales has faced stiff questioning from both Republicans and Democrats for his role in policies that have bent long-established international norms prohibiting torture.
Jan 05 2005 Last Chance to Speak to Congress about the Election and Alberto Gonzales
Do we know what really happened in Ohio? Did you know that in Cuyahoga county alone there was a group of precincts with 90,000 more votes than registered voters? Did you know that a full recount was never done, instead votes were sampled in areas where there were thought to have been few problems, and there was machine tampering? Did you know that 100,000 provisional and machine-rejected votes were never counted at all? And that's just in Ohio. Could the exit polls have all been so wrong? What are we going to do about it?
Dec 27 2004 Bush Monkey pt. 2, Shown on Giant Billboard
NEW YORK (Reuters) - A portrait of President Bush (news - web sites) using monkeys to form his image that was banished from a New York art show last week amid charges of censorship was projected on a giant billboard in Manhattan on Tuesday.
Dec 24 2004 Wishing You a Happy Anniversary of King Herrod's Baby Slaughter
Although Christian institutions decided to move the celebration of the anniversary of King Herrod's murder of most of the male babies in Bethlehem to the holidays of pagans of all types...
Dec 22 2004 9/11 Legislation Launches Misguided Data-Mining and Domestic Surveillance Schemes
From On Friday, President Bush signed into law the Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act of 2004 (IRTPA), launching several flawed "security" schemes that EFF has long opposed. The media has focused on turf wars between the intelligence and defense communities, but the real story is how IRTPA trades basic rights for the illusion of security.
Dec 18 2004 RUNews: Iraq Debt Forgiven by US...Yeh right...
It's been recently reported that the US has decided to forgive the debt owed to it by Iraq. The debt comes to the awesome amount of four billion dollars. What they haven't reported is the amount of money generated by the war.
Dec 15 2004 Sinclair Action - "We do not believe political statements should be disguised as news content."
Check out A new site and comunity dedicated to pushing Sinclair to stop being hypocrits...
Dec 14 2004 Disinfopedia "a collaborative project to produce a directory of public relations firms, think tanks, industry-funded organizations and industry-friendly experts that work to influence public opinion and public policy on behalf of corporations, governments and special interests.
Dec 14 2004 How Informed is the Audience when the News is Misleading?
Perhaps a good way of selecting your mainstream news sources is by looking at how well informed people are in comparison to where they get their news from. See article with survey results below.
Dec 14 2004 Reporter Who Examined CIA-Contra-Cocaine Link Dies
Reporter Who Examined CIA-Contra-Cocaine Link Dies AP reported this weekend that "Gary Webb, a Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative reporter who wrote a controversial series of stories linking the CIA to crack cocaine trafficking in Los Angeles, has died at age 49...of an apparent suicide."
Dec 14 2004 Gallery shut down in Censorship of BUSH MONKEY
New York Art Shuttered After Bush Monkey Portrait Mon Dec 13, 3:57 PM ET U.S. National - Reuters By Larry Fine NEW YORK (Reuters) - A portrait of President Bush (news - web sites) using monkeys to form his image led to the closure of a New York art exhibition over the weekend and anguished protests on Monday over freedom of expression.
Dec 10 2004 "Don't Be Left Behind" article by Russell Mokhiber and Robert Weissman
"We had heard that President Bush was a born again Christian. So, we went to the White House earlier this week and asked Scott McLellan, the President's press secretary: "Scott, on the Middle East -- many evangelical Christians in the United States are supporting right-wing Jews in Israel who want to rebuild the temple on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. They (Evangelical Christians) believe this is a prerequisite for Christ's return to earth.
Nov 30 2004 Have you heard of the School of the Americas?
Terrorism is the enemy of democracy by David Batstone Recent events in Iraq bear witness to chilling acts of evil. It now seems likely that Margaret Hassan, a British-born human relief worker who worked for more than two decades in Iraq, was executed. Even though Hassan opposed the U.S./U.K. invasion of the country, and could explain clearly in Arabic her political commitments, the insurgents turned her birthright into a death sentence.
Nov 29 2004 Gets Shut Down Due to Excessive Traffic
Hi friends, associates and enemies, (from Malcolm X's intro) I have the great pleasure to telling you that our site is down until Dec 1st. Why is that good news you ask? Because it was shut down due to excessive traffic!
Nov 22 2004 Seeks to use Live Journal as New RU News Host
For those who are familiar with our work at we are investigating if Live Journal may offer an improved way to update the site combined with PHP and MySQL.
Jul 15 2004 Moody Memos Set the Stage for the 'Fox Effect'
This is a gem that is from It's a series of memos from John Moody, Senior Vice President of Fox News Editorial, spanning from 5.09.2003 to 5.05.2004.
Apr 21 2004 Methadone for America's oil addiction?
It should have been one of the more earth-shattering admissions of the last hundred years when George W. Bush -- the former Texas oilman who steadfastly denies that oil ever played a part in our decision to invade Iraq -- announced that America was in fact "addicted to oil." Instead, America's response was more akin to hearing one's 55-year-old effeminate bachelor uncle come out of the closet to the family at a holiday dinner: Everyone knew it already, but no one ever expected him to say it.
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