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The Eminent Domain Report


s6k:Investigates has teamed up with WBAI Radio, New York City to explore the ever-growing use of eminent domain. The Eminent Domain Report [EDR] features live radio segments, feature length video and audio "info-mentries," as well as related links and documentation.

listen to a preview interview

Once the government seizes property you weren't selling,
        and has padlocked the doors;
                   how did this happen? what happens next?
   This series is going to address these serious questions

[what is eminent domain?]
Eminent domain is a tactic used by the government [in association with land developers] to take the property of debt-free land owners, many who have no intent to sell. In a country that professes to be principled and just, it's amazing that thousands and thousands of people lose their homes and businesses every year throughout the United States and it is almost unknown to the average U.S. citizen.

We are following a number of situations involving eminent domain from the New Jersey Shore to Jersey City, Louisiana to Harlem, California to the Hurricane Katrina damaged regions.

We also follow stories about disappearing Artist In Residence facilities and socially injurious disaster economics. Both of these share many of the issues found in eminent domain cases, including being unintended victims of eminent domain proceedings. People of all political and social stripes are affected by the escalating rate of eminent domain use. With that understanding, we present people of all political and social stripes.

Our goal; to have it used as a tool for those who are fighting eminent domain or want to have a detailed understanding of it.
Our research has shown us that it's the mystery and the longevity of the eminent domain process that confuses people and seemingly stops them from reacting in their best interest.

The other side of our goal is to create a living record of the entire eminent domain process. Firstly, many people suffer in silence, which only helps perpetuate the enhanced use of the process. Secondly, it takes years for the completed eminent domain process to reveal itself. When a property owner
[unwillingly] hands the keys to their property over to the state, that is only the end of the first stage of eminent domain.

L o n g   B r a n c h ,  N J

[current news bulletin] As of November 27, 2008, the city of Long Branch, NJ is in a holding pattern and hasn't taken the property of Gopal Panday. We dedicated ourselves to follow his story, where ever it goes. But make no mistake, he and his wife are suffering through every moment worrying about when the city is going to put locks on his business. This would have dire ramifications for him, his employees, and his family. On another saddening note, Reverend Kevin Brown has been removed from his property and is currently traveling the United States informing people about the process of eminent domain. Mr. Panday is literally the last person standing.

We will be staying on top of these they change moment to moment. We'll have more segments for you soon. Meanwhile, we'll post text about this issue to keep you informed.

The Eminent Domain Report; Gopal Panday[ on the phone] April 7, 2008
Gopal Panday has been fighting eminent domain in Long Branch, NJ for several years. The United States Government is allowing thousands of citizens to have their homes taken by developers using the tactic of eminent domain...EVEN people with no debt. This is days before the judge
Lawrence M. Lawson ruled against him.

Eminent Domain and Disaster Economics; Gopal Panday

Mr. Gopal Panday is a Long Branch, NJ land-owner who is in a fight to save his business, property and means of support. This is part of our ongoing eminent domain series entitled "Eminent Domain and Disaster Economics."

Eminent Domain and Disaster Economics; Rev. Kevin Brown
Rev. Kevin Brown has been dedicated to the Long Branch, NJ community for years. He's dealing with a battle between land grabbers, politicians and the U.S. Government.
This is part of our ongoing eminent domain series entitled "Eminent Domain and Disaster Economics."

Eminent Domain and Disaster Economics: Rev. Kevin Brown [pt 2]
Rev. Kevin Brown has been dedicated to the Long Branch, NJ community for years. He's dealing with a battle between land grabbers, politicians and the U.S. Government.

J e r s e y   C i t y ,   N J

Drunk Cops in Jersey City, NJ
In this s6k:I exclusive, we have been provided with video that is official police misconduct. It has been the source of much conflict, as a few have said it's "old news." For us the key thing is the fact that the events happened without the public ever being properly informed. In our investigation we followed the "drunk cop video" scandal directly to a huge rezoning, eminent domain development plan executed in Jersey City, NJ, which begun in the1990's.

A Conversation with Lee Perry
In this s6k:I exclusive, we have been provided with the honor of talking to the person who filmed a video of official police misconduct in Jersey City, New Jersey. We thank Lee Perry for coming forward and talking with us.

Jersey City [NJ] Internal Affairs Unit; statement on "Drunk Cops" video
This is the official statement we received from the Jersey City [New Jersey] Internal Affairs Unit. They have been very helpful in helping us get to the bottom of this matter. We've recently had an interview with them that also illuminates a few things for us that we'll be posting on our site soon.

111 Arts (Japanese Documentary)
During the early 2000's there was a battle in Jersey City, New Jersey. It was a defining moment in NJ Arts and representative of what happens to arts communities throughout the U.S. We are thrilled to have brought this issue and documentary into the light.

Bill Rodwell and the Legacy of 111 Arts, Jersey City, NJ
In this edition, we sit down with William Rodwell, ex-tenant assoc. pres. of the 111 Arts building in Jersey City, NJ. He was one of the original artists in that building and provides a very vivid account of the issues surrounding the death of the "The Powerhouse Art District."

- California Eminent Domain Law Group
- Eminent Domain: Are You Next? [video]
- Eminent Domain: Being Abused? 60 Minutes
- Eminent Domain Watch
- Louisiana Eminent Domain Abuse [video]
- Property Battle: Eminent Domain on CBS News [video]


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