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Death In June Behind The Mask


s6k Entertainment & Voidstar Productions
Douglas P. / Death In June: Behind The Mask
Official Website 

Forty feet beneath the Earth's surface, Darryl Hell's interview experiment with Douglas P. took place amongst the rumbles, hisses, and thunks of the belly of a New York City skyscraper...during a harsh January 2005 blizzard. This would be the first time Douglas would take part in this type of interview project.

Its flow replicates a meandering day-long conversation that was held between Douglas P. and Darryl Hell at Mindswerve Studio, New York City, in 2004. Their many life experiences in 1970's, 1980's punk rock, made for a fertile ground. Hell's vision for the project was to give Douglas a chance to fully articulate himself without the boundaries of the traditional interview format. The result is a roller coaster ride through Douglas' life from childhood to his war-entrenched teen years to coming out to punk rock to neo folk and into the future.

[ a fan review from WALTER J. SCHEIRER ]
Simply magnificent.

As Pierce states on film, "This captures my personal zeitgeist" - no other
utterance could express the very essence of what is presented in Behind
the Mask. I have waited years for a documentary like this to come along
and illuminate the historical, musical, and intellectual background of the
enigma that is Death in June.
Pierce's tale of working class Britain,
coupled with the ever latent aesthetic of the second world war is
fascinating. Everything I have witnessed in Behind the Mask has further
galvanized my interest and feelings toward music that is truly charged
with meaning. Well done!

& behind the mask: merchandise 
[A T T E N T I O N]
we are sold out and have discontinued the project

We hope that you had a chance to enjoy our "BTM" releases and please check
out our other productions.

Thank you for you support and take care,
Darryl Hell
"Behind the Mask" Executive Producer

$19 DVD [ntsc]
(amaray case)
[sold out]

$32 limited special issue CAN DVD [ntsc]
(aluminum can case + goodies inside)
[sold out]<

$30 limited issue VHS [ntsc, pal] + additional bonus footage...that's not on the DVD
(black military belt bag case + goodies inside)
[sold out]

Features a number of unreleased versions of DI6 and rare Crisis material
including a "BTM" image montage with:
Satan's Feast, Golden Wedding of Sorrow, and Come Before Christ And Murder Love.

The soundtrack is a dj darryl hell sound collage utilizing Death In June's Operation Hummingbird & All Pigs Must Die, and Crisis' "Holocaust Hymes" as its source.

$65 limited edition [only 23 will be made] Tactical Assault Vest w/ DI6 "BTM" logo
[sold out]


Condoms provided by Positive Health Project
                                                     click here for more info

 news bulletin 

 s6k Entertainment & Voidstar Productions
  Douglas P./Death In June
"Silent In June"

Steven from Germany
winning bid: $166 USD
] "Amazing! Thats really great. Oh, be sure i'm an really big fan of Death in June and Douglas as a person and so i will never sell these items, although i have the DVD-can and the vest twice, but of course not signed. Ha! I can't await to hold it in my hands."

[WHEN HE GOT THE PACKAGE] "Behind The Mask" is absolutely the best what can happen to a Death In June-Fan like me. The interview answers any unsolved question about the past in such a uncommon and pleasant way. Unique!!!

The photo is just to show you the new home of all the beautiful things, a room  like a Death in June-Museum with the lyric of "Runes and Men" painted on the walls, framed tour- and promo posters and of course as much vinyl, books and any kind of merchandising material as i could collect over the past 20 years! It's my personel shrine :)- (and i hope it will never be complete..)

Thank you again and Wild Wishes!

BTW - it featured unique & rare autographed DI6 material like...
The bidding items:
1- Special Issue DI6 Tactical Assault Vest [1 of 23 - #23]
1- Autographed "Behind the Mask" CAN [1 of 10]
1- Autographed 1987 "To Drown A Rose" 10" white label vinyl [1 of 20 - #11]
1- Death In June Paratrooper Bag [1 of 5]

Special thanks
- to Douglas for working with us on this project
- to je from Tesco USA for their promotional support
- to you all for giving the project such a wonderful overall response

 audience reviews 
   [from DIRT]
What does everyone think? Watched it last night and enjoyed it. Nice effects and I liked how intimate it felt.

   [from ELIO]
Hi, I've received today the Can Box Edition of Behind The Mask! Amazing.

Behind The Mask represents the most personal and unobstructed interview ever given by Douglas Pierce during his lengthy career as Death In June. Death In June fans will be gripped by the intimate details of Douglas's life and will find the answers to so many burning questions that have until now remained the private domain of Douglas's close friends and companions.
                   (click to for complete review on Heathen Harvest)

hi and 'tanks' for the DVD - Being from Glasgow originally I was especially
pleased to see the flyers you enclosed.

it's great!

Behind The mask is great first and foremost because it is unique. Never had Douglas P. spoken so directly about his carreer and feelings as Death In June.

I have only one regret... Much talk about the Crisis era and not enough
about Death In June. It is a minor inconvenient though... I guess it leaves
room for a sequel...

Really enjoyed 'Behind The Mask' spot on as always, great packaging as one expects from Mr. P

I was captivated. His story is more interesting every time I watch it...and I wasn't even a prior fan.

...enjoyed watching it. The bonuses were quite exquisite as well!

   [from ROB TRANGMAR]
Quick thanks to all involved with producing this little nugget.

I was riveted, even though i am a little skeptical of this kind of bio stuff nonsense. I loved hearing Mr P. talking about early days with Crisis (hope the new cd turns up foaming at the mouth for that!) and of camping out in the Port Authority Bus Terminal...with mad folk (striking close to home a bit for me :-)

   [from GREGG SMITH]
just had some quality time to sit down and view the DVD and I must say
I am extremely pleased with the DVD! it literally goes miles beyond
what i was expecting. you have really generated a truly magnificent
artifact. congratulations!!! the filming never became something that i
would become restless watching and the editing is just superb.

thanx for issuing such a high quality product.

   [from CHERYL KING]
Very interesting. It was good to finally see his face. Much more mysterious before, of course. The disjointed sound behind the interview. i was surprised to hear his music, more prosaic in tone (though not necessarily in lyric) than I had expected it to be.

After watching it I felt more connected than ever to the enigmatic
idol of my past. Thank you!

   [from OLIVER]
i love this release! it's really a must for people who are truely interested in Douglas' art and music!
regards from berlin

I have been a big DIJ fan since the late 80's I guess, they are a band that
will always have new refreshing meaning and always be with me, so it
was a really nice chance to see "behind the mask" , I was a bit
surprised how simialar Douglas P. can be to my self, and really I am
not a wannabe Douglas running around in all black or anything , and I
dont really care if anyone else is , thats fine. I really think you
all did a very nice job of it and I would have to say thankyou .I hope
others enjoy it like I have.

This morning I watched the "Behind the mask" video tape and I really enjoyed it. The whole thing is truly well done. It gave me a lot of new information and a closer look at the life of Douglas and his work, which I love so much.

   [from DOUGLAS P.]


s6k Entertainment & Voidstar Productions
Douglas P.
Behind the Mask 
a videomovie by Darryl Hell <

Filmed @ the HellLab Underground, NYC, winter 2005,
and the Pyramid club, New York City, spring 2005

executive director / producer
   darryl hell
associate director
   wolfgang busch
video and audio editing
   darryl hell & wolfgang busch
   wolfgang busch & darryl hell
associate producer
   david dodson (aka deftly d)
production assistant / lighting
   sara schetter
still photography
   edisa weeks
dvd designs & packaging
   deftly d. & d. hell
production & promotional support
   jane elizabeth-tesco distribution usa
soundtrack concept & editing
   dj darryl hell
audio mastering
   xris flam @ mindswerve studio, nyc
dvd authoring
   niko @ visual mercenary group, nyc
   havona madama @ madama griffitts llp
promotions / retail marketing
   darryl hell
retail manager / promotions assistant
   deftly d

4 human contact please email us:

 audience interview 

The following Q & A's are from a June 2005 audience interview produced by s6k Entertainment. And now to your interview.

[from] ludicroussmiles

Could you describe in detail the falling out of David Tibet and/or Jhonn Balance and how that has affected you personally?

[Douglas] To describe "in detail" the cumulative effect of the slow but gradual deterioration of our relationship would take too long and I'm past being interested in it, let alone concerned by it. Suffice to say that whilst I
could live with Tibet using my name gratuitously on the credits of a
homophobic album he released by Tiny Tim or him slamming the telephone down on me a couple of times in a fit of pique when I showed the temerity to actually disagree with him, probably about religious matters, I really couldn't abide seeing his name attached to legal documents instructing people like Geff Rushton (John Balance) to get as much dirt on me as possible to help world serpent distribution in their legal case against me. Particularly galling was that the instruction came with a note saying that those individuals concerned should be quiet regarding his secret instructions to them!

Those actions were really lower than a snake's belly and he sealed his fate as far as I'm concerned. No wonder he has gone on to even disown himself. He/current 93 ceased to exist from there on.

[from] Andrew Fletcher


years. A man's life, thoughts and philosophies can undergo many
changes in this course of time. Do you find that whatever inspired
you at the inception of Death In June continues to inspire you today?

Andrew Fletcher

[Douglas] The inspirations that permeated every aspect of my Existence from say, the ages 20-30, still hold much sway in my Life today now I'm approaching 50. But, once you have read the Highway Code you shouldn't really need to perpetually return to it to know the rules of the road! Or, if you do you probably weren't a very good learner in the first place. You adapt, adopt and improvise as the road becomes longer and longer, perhaps more treacherous. There's no hope of ever having enough fuel to get back to where you came from, anyway.

[from] emma korn

If the price was right, would you give my boyfriend and me piano lessons? If not, do you think David Tibet would be up for it.


[Douglas] The only piano lessons I've ever had were sitting in front of a keyboard by myself and placing my fingers in positions where I thought they sounded pleasing. I suggest you save your money and do the same.

David Tibet, to the best of my knowledge, can't play any instrument. That's
the reason why he gets people like me into his group to write songs for him.

Sadly, when his ego is threatened he will later deny they ever existed and
attempt to write them out of history. He's a better joker than musician and
justly deserves to be remembered as such. You should pay to see his stand up routine but definitely not for piano lessons.

[from] Uri Shaham

dear douglas
I know you never answer to questions about your lyrics but I still intend to try my question is about 'rose clouds of holocaust ' my feeling about this
song is that it is talking about the friendship between you and tibet.

I know it was written while you were still friends but sometimes art can show things that will happen in the future. the reason I feel this way is because I know the main line of the song is about a certain moment on the beach and another line 'festivals end as festivals must' can be also about a friendship that ended. maybe you can add something to this theory ? what do you think?

all the very best
Uri Shaham

[Douglas] "Festivals end as Festivals must" is actually a newspaper
headline I saw in 1980 referring to Yukio Mishima's suicide in 1970 at
the Eastern Army Barracks in Tokyo. There was no beach in Iceland where Tibet and I discussed "Auschwitz by the Sea" at The Blue Lagoon in the middle of a blizzard. Only the bleak surrounding volcanic landscape. It was a momentary inspiration that led to 'Rose Clouds Of Holocaust '.

However, on that same album the song 'Lifebooks' does directly relate to
probably the most intense and strange conversation Tibet and I ever had in a pub in the West End of London near Leicester Square in about 1993/94.

I very much agree with your point that some art can mutate over the course of time as I find out with my own work. When I sing lyrics today I know where the original inspiration came from and realize how I can now put those lyrics in another context it really does make me wonder about the purpose of the original. It certainly is food for thought, Uri!

[from] Michael Fay

Hello, Douglas P. Please name your Gods.
Thank you, Michael Fay

[Douglas] Whoever answers my prayers in the most efficient and expedient way possible. My Gods are the ones that work!

[from] Steffen Fahrner

Hallo Douglas,

here my question:
Has there been a time when you heard and maybe even liked the music of Pink Floyd or Roger Waters?

Thank you in advance and all the best for you and your work.

[Douglas] I loved early, Syd Barratt era Pink Floyd. I bought the 'Relics'
compilation as a teenager, became hooked and then bought the first 2 albums and Syd's solo material. I never had more than a passing interest in the work that followed. I've never heard a Roger Waters solo album.

[from] Wendy Layne

Comment interpretez-vous votre chanson "c'est un rêve", que doit-on
comprendre par "il est dans nos coeurs noirs (Klaus Barbie)?

(after a French to English translator, which is not exactly perfect, we get:)

How do you interpretez your song "it is a dream", which must one include/understand by "it is in our black cores (Klaus Barbie)?

[Douglas] Klaus Barbie was only a symbol. Nothing special. The Balkans
war in the 1990s, the genocide in Rwanda and our present war without end in Iraq all easily demonstrate this.

The song was inspired by some performances in France in early 1984 where it was rumoured that DIJ had tried to make contact with him during our visit to Lyon where he was in prison. Naturally, it was only a rumour but, an inspirational one as far as my song writing was concerned!

[from] Juan Almarza Anwandter

Hola Doug,

I would like to know if you know anything about the work of chilean writer Miguel Serrano...some of his topics may be of your interest, for sure.


Juan A.
Der Arbeiter

[Douglas] I haven't read any work by Miguel Serrano but I've heard I should.

[from] Sergio Olivera

Hi, here's my question:

Do you feel comfortable within thought-line of the european new right (being De Benoist one of its more recognised exponents, inspired by both left-right, influenced for the konservative revolution -Jünger, Heidegger, Spengler, Schmitt,..- and demanding a philosophical return to paganism), from a political (though is more about metapolitics than politics per sé) and philosophical point of view?

Sergio de Olivera

[Douglas] I truly only feel comfortable with myself regarding any 'political'
trains of thought.

[from] phil eaglesham

Thank you for this and hello Douglas.
'Astounded to be celebrating 20yrs of the release of Nada! with you this month, what are your fondest reflections and bitterest memories of that inspiring period of DI6's past?'

p6 (Scotland) x

[Douglas] I think the best memory is the dawn walk to the Thames Embankment near the recording studios at Waterloo for a Champagne
breakfast. After we had finished the album we knew we had something special and that we should celebrate.

The worst, at that time, was when Patrick Leagas went missing after our tour of Italy in April, 1985. I really had to think very quickly on my feet
during that period but in retrospect it was all for the beast!

[from] Doctrine Insectvas

a thought on: "Why? & Why not?"
Do you care for the differences they distinguish...anymore?

;) Cordell Klier

[Douglas] I'm not sure if I ever did care about the differences. I act
on instinct
and never call that into question.

[from] keesterbunny

What are your biggest influences to you as a person. Things/people that effect your music, your morals, etc. what/whom effects you the most; literature, music, pop culture, etc. and any authors, musicians, politicians. etc, whom you feel a great sense of inspiration from?

Randy Fulgham, California.

[Douglas] How does one list so much without it sounding like a bland shopping list? I've said it all before anyway and I won't demean all those important moments, works, people, loves, actions and feelings. I was born at 09.00 hrs. on Friday, the 27th April 1956 in a terraced council house on an industrial estate in Woking, Surrey in the South of England and I am now 49 years old writing this at 14.45 hrs on a citrus block acres and acres in size in the Riverland area of South Australia, Sunday, 28th August, 2005. All of My Life and all that has come with it has been the inspiration.

 director's bio 
Darryl Hell (sektor 6 kommunikatons, Abstinence, Emergency Broadcast Network, Operation:Mindwipe) is a veteran multimedia artist, documentary maker, artivist, underground journalist / archivist.

In the early 70's he began dj'ing and exploring audio 8-track recording experiments. By 1976 he began playing bass guitar and in 1981 he joined the New Jersey punk band Public Disturbance. This happened simultaneously as he was honing his skill as a hybrid collage dj / turntablist.

Winter 1986 brought about the creation of Abstinence, New Jersey's first industrial project in the vein of Einstursende, Sisters of Mercy, and Puppy. Hell was instrumental in nurturing a hardcore industrial scene in New Jersey.

Hell began working with video in the early 1980's. The current video production partnership of s6k Media and Wolfgang Busch Digital Video Prods. began in 1991.

In the early 1990's Hell was granted the privilege of heading the Silent Records (San Francisco) industrial imprint Furnace Records under its highly imaginative leader Kim Cascone. Hell, along with the team of David Grau and Rob Psychotrope, created an American industrial label that explored a broad spectrum of global industrial / experimental music culture. David Grau [with Sheldon Hatch] led their team in bringing Hell's vision to fruition; create one of the first online record release 1995.

In 1996, the call came from Emergency Broadcast Network for Hell to join forces with them. [EBN were the creators of one of the first midi-triggered video sampling systems.]

In 1999, Hell became Director of Acquisition for Urban Box Office, under legendary ex-Motown bossman, George Jackson and technical visionaries Tyrone Thomas and Jonn Nubian.

Hell is currently one of the only industrial / experimental turntablists in NYC. In winter 2006 Abstinence will celebrate its twentieth anniversary. He continues to promulgate the breadth and historical legacy of industrial / experimental music culture.

He is technical director for chashama Theater, NYC. They are an extremely unique arts organization headed by Anita Durst, founded in 1995.

 also check out 


Tesco USA is pleased to announce this DVD release.
A beautiful and unique documentary piece filmed at Walker Stage in New York on November 10, 2002, nearly 21 years to the day since the band's live debut opening for The Birthday Party in London.
go to for info

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