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VFP 34 News

VFP-Chapter 34(NYC; Organization & Election Procedures
VFP-Chapter 34(NYC)
Organization & Election Procedures


A) Executive Committee
Executive Committee shall consist of elected officers;
President, Vice President, and Secretary/Treasurer. They shall be responsible for the management of the Chapter business affairs, program and property. They shall be elected at the Feb. annual membership meeting. Each officer's term shall be one year, but may serve consecutively, except president. A president may serve two terms consecutively. Executive committee may make interim decisions between Membership meetings.

a) President...Shall serve at the chief executive officer of the Chapter, preside at all meetings, and shall see the decisions of the Executive Committee and Membership Meetings are carried out.

b) Vice President...In the absence of the president, shall perform the Duties of the president, and such other duties as assigned by the President or Membership Meeting.

c) Secretary/Treasurer...shall keep all records of the Chapter, take minutes at the meetings, and send out notices/letters both internally and externally. Also, keep all the financial records, prepare annual financial statement, deposit income and disburse funds. Treasurer shall make the financial records available for inspection by any Full members.

B) Membership Meeting
Annual membership meeting shall be held in Feb. each year. In January, a general membership meeting will be held for the nomination of new officers. Other membership meetings may be held as needed by the decision of the Executive Committee or at the request of five members of the Chapter. Executive Committee shall report any interim decisions it may have made to the next Membership meeting for acceptance. Membership meetings may approve or over-ride the decisions of the Executive Committees.

C) Chapter Office
The Chapter office shall be located within New York City. The Chapter may use the home or office address of the president or secretary in the Chapter address.

II) Election Procedure

A) Election Eligibility
Only Full members listed in the Chapter roster who are in good standing as evidenced by a current VFP membership card, may vote or run for an office. An exception can be made for a member who does not have a current membership card, but can show that he/she is a veteran and payment of dues is up to date.

B) Nomination of Officers
Nomination of officers shall be made at the Jan. membership meeting. A Full member may nominate oneself or another. A second will be required. If another member is nominated, the nominee must accept the nomination. If the nominee was absent at the meeting, the nominee must communicate his/her decision to the President or Secretary within one week of the meeting. If possible, the nomination should promote the diversity of the Board, considering the geographic or racial backgrounds.

C) Election of Officers
At the Feb. Annual membership meeting, Full members attending the meeting shall elect the new officer by a secret ballot. The nominees receiving the majority vote shall be elected. The President shall designate two or three members, who are not the nominees, to count the ballots. The voting shall take place even if there is only one candidate. Each candidate shall be given three minutes tospeak before the voting.

Approved at Membership Meeting
Jan. 11, 2004



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