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HellLab 7: 13 Hours of Sunshine in Hell


s6k Entertainment presents:
HellLab 7: 13 Hours of Sunshine in Hell

location: chashama 217 Art Space
217 East 42nd St., New York City

---> STAY TUNED <---
We will have a rescheduled date soon
Thank you for your continued support

 live & video performances by:
[in alphabetical order]
[* = live]
* Jeremy Slater
Kim Cascone - Water Temple (Under the Oculus)
* Malesha Jessie
* OOtz OOtz
* Theologian
* Sonik Slam vol.2 w/Darryl Hell, Hellraver, Deftly D
[additional performances are being confirmed]

 also for your enjoyment throughout the night:
- Free catered food will be provided by Creative Visions Catering
9pm to midnight
- Free fresh breakfast will be served at 7am
- Video blipverts throughout the night

event partners:
Voidstar Prods., BreakThrough Technologies, Mindswerve Prods., Apex Fest.

the history of HellLab
In 1992 - 1995, an event was created to remove the restrictions of traditional music/performance venues. The Hell House mixed-media multi-location parties were modeled after the psychedelic loft parties of the 1960's, with an industrial, ambient, tekno, breakbeat, experimental noise, home-cooked food twist.

They featured artists/units like Emergency Broadcast Network, DJ Denard, DJ Reade, Wolfgang Busch [New York New Rock TV], FeedBuck Galore, Scott Generik [23 5 prods.],Virus 23, Virtual Melanin Inc., Sheldon Drake, and Fractured Cylinder to name a few.

The party formalized itself in 1995...its name was FurnaceLab. This was a series of events created by Darryl Hell and produced by Silent Records, SF, US.

2002-2003 saw the resurrection of the event in the form of HellLab, a mixed-media performance laboratory. This resurrection was a collaboration between s6k Media, lead by Darryl Hell and Voidstar Productions, lead by David Dodson / Deftly D.


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