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The Wedding

The Wedding of Edisa Weeks and Darryl Hell

We'd like to thank everyone who participated and shared in our four-day wedding ceremony June 16, 17, 18, 19, 2006. It's been said that it made people witness the wedding ritual from a different perspective, one that is inclusive of their dreams and energies, and for that we are quite elated. You were all so incredibly kind to bless us with your collective spirit and generosity. For us, those days were [and will always be] a frozen moment in time. A collective blur of events, all sufficiently memorable on their own, each overwhelming our senses and filling our hearts with love and friendship. We hope that all of you eternally remain as important in our lives as you were on those 4 wonderful days. We love you all,
Edisa and Darryl

[more pictures available soon]

[below is the invitation we sent out
         ...the event sections have been updated]

Here we are. Nearly over the hill [LOL] and yet seemingly just starting to make the climb. As our wedding is anything but traditional, one tradition stands...the effort of two people whom are dedicated to making their life journeys together. Since we've both waited so long for a moment such as this, we've tried to create a celebration for our many sides of life.

Although there is a full weekend of events, if you can come to all events...Great. If you can only make it to one that is also fine. Each event has equal import to us. That's why we created a weekend of events so there's a chance for everyone to share in our celebration. :)- It would be great to have you there.
Much Love,
Edisa + Darryl

We are registered at Home Depot, which is rather untraditional, but since we are renovating a home it is the most logical place. Toasters and such are appreciated, yet as people ask what we want, now you know. :)-

Since Home Depot forces people to pick specific items, we are requesting that anyone planning to give a gift either get one of the things we picked on the Home Depot registry or give a Home Depot Gift Card toward our renovation effort. That being said, would be more than happy with just being able to share all of this with you.


Friday June 16 @ 9pm till?
A performance/party that celebrated the union of us as artists. A number of our friends had performed, which lead to an artistic collaboration between Edisa & I that signified our union as artists.
[the venue is in the middle of the block...damn that Google arrow! LOL]
chashama 217 Art Space
217 E42nd St. NYC [btwn. 2nd & 3rd. Aves.]

Saturday, June 17, 2pm to ?
A family wedding ceremony of African tradition...with a twist or two.
309 Halsey St., Brooklyn, NY

Sunday, June 18, 10am to 7pm
BBQ/Picnic in Prospect Park
[BBQ area just north of the picnic house]
Potluck and BYOB. Of course we brought a sweet load of goodies to get [and keep] things going right. People came and went as the day progressed. It was a day-long celebration to commune, share and relax.

Monday June 19 @ 1pm to ?
Final ceremony in the tradition of a Quaker Wedding
@ the Akwaaba Mansion
347 MacDonough Ave., Bedstuy, Brooklyn

Our honeymoon was spent on the beach of the southern tip of New Jersey at the Akwaaba B & B, Cape May. We spent our days walking on the beach, relaxing, cooking up a storm, riding cruisers and feeling a true sense of meaning had set upon us. We truly thank you all!


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