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Vicky Virgin


Fleur is BACK!
produced by Art in Odd Places -- A sneak preview on May, 2013

What makes NYC a dynamic metropolis? A statistical adventure into the numbers behind the scenes with choreographer Vicky Virgin and demographer Joe Salvo, teaming up to investigate how art and statistical literacy intersect. Part performance, part installation, data will be served from behind a counter and disseminated about the area.

The New Museum IDEAS CITY festival StreetFest.
New Museum (235 Bowery, New York, NY)
Festival: May 4, 2013, 11-6pm
Nearby Subways: F (2nd Ave), J (Bowery), B/D (Grand), 6 (Spring St)

New Museum Festival Brochure to see other organizations that are involved.


The Field

The Field, New York City, creates programs to help artists improve their artwork and counter the isolation that often comes with the territory of an artistic career. Ms. Virgin is proudly sponsored by The Field.
Encourage the artistic process and sponsor an artist with The Field.
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