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How Purpose Lounge Works


The program could be instituted in four ways in your school, workshop or community program;

(1) Added as a workshop that could be weekly or bi-weekly.  We have functioned during school hours and/or after school in academic settings. We also can augment community programs in a variety of ways. Our design was created to be flexible to meet the diverse needs communities and schools have.

(2) Our program can be incorporated into the overall curricula to help unify the objectives of teachers and/or resident artists. The program is designed to incorporate new ideas and information relating to personal and/or community development. Incorporating the ideas of a broad spectrum of school/institution personnel adds specificity and strengthens the program due to their familiarity with the student body.

(3) Incorporated as an extra-curricular program that would be more directed towards intensive hands-on personal/community development projects, which would also include identifying internship opportunities.

(4) We are also able to present long distance programs via Skype and Google Hangout for programs and classrooms that have access to the Internet. This is an innovative way to address the needs of
schools and organizations that can't afford proprietary bundled long distance learning solutions.

A very important part of what we do with our media literacy component is to provide new ways to engage with the various media children, young adults and adults use. We focus on the three primary forms of mass communications; Internet, television, and radio. Our objective is to present clear examples of how to use media, broadly stated, as an educative entertainment tool. In addition, by presenting historical and current models of people who incorporate tactics for personal and/or community development, we provide an alternative to the "I'm getting paid" and the "I'm better than you" mentality that is pervasive in mainstream culture, especially with the model presented by "reality television" and the mainstream "success" of American Idol-like programming.

The PBIS platform [Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports] comports with our model. Our program focuses on proper social conduct and a common respect for others, no matter their gender, sexual orientation, age, ethnic origin or class. This includes highlighting the efforts of various people in the community that go either unnoticed or don't get the credit they deserve. (i.e. workers in food banks, volunteers in elder homes, tutors for students-at-risk, mentors, people who help develop community gardens and beautification projects, ect.)

Below is our Classroom Oath that creates a contract to enhance the student/teacher relationship. The goal is to make a clear outline of responsibilities that can be posted in the classroom or your community center. Our hope is to have it read once a week by the teacher/program director and a different student each week to help reinforce the message of responsibility.

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