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s6k:Investigates Goes Primetime with the "Drunk Cops" story

Our objective of pushing this story was to press the New Jersey Attorney General to change the civil law that made this issue "confidential."

"...civil service rules consider much of the discipline process to be confidential..." This quote came directly from Jersey City Internal Affairs.

Without a change in the law, if it were to happen tomorrow, without a camera rolling, it would once again be as if it didn't happen. The public has the right to know. If there had been public oversight, maybe days before this story ran, the JC police wouldn't have been busted for steroid use.

This will not be over until the police are forced to follow the same rules they have sworn to uphold. Otherwise, there is no reason for the public to trust them. We hope that someone understands the importance of having police that you can trust, respect and look-up to.



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