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Sonik Slam


Developed by Darryl Hell, Sonik Slam is a different model for DJ's to collaborate on live sets, while enabling a radically changed notion of multigenre layering and mixing. The series will be distributed free on DVD to DJ's and music enthusiasts. A number of DJ's will be selected to participate. Sonik Slam, as a model, can be "the great escape" for DJ's that typically spin in dance club environments where the beat is basically never allowed to stop. In addition, it can be a prompt to view DJ'ing from a different perspective, where DJ'ing is seen as more of a performative art form in comparison to a presentative art.

The Sonik Slam Series is produced by
s6k Media for s6k Entertainment
in association with Voidstar Productions

It will always be distributed free of charge as we do not own the rights to the majority of the music being played. We will charge a small fee to cover mailing, which will vary depending on shipping location.

Sonik Slam Vol. 1 "Heaven for the Climate. Hell for the Company" featured Darryl Hell and Deftly D [aka David Dodson]. This intensely layered collage artwork has an extremely broad genre spectrum, although from an experimental industrial perspective.

We also received equipment support from longtime s6k network partner Xris Flam / Mindswerve Studio.

It also has a bonus 30-min audio track with an evolving slideshow loop of pics from the recording session. Photography by David Sarracino.

Email us at for a
free copy of our Sonik Slam Vol.1 DVD

Sonik Slam Vol. 2 "Syntactic Structures Reconfigured into
Noise, Words and Beats" will feature Darryl Hell, Hellraver and Deftly D. It will be recorded live, with no audience.

We are looking for DJ's to collaborate in future volumes of the Sonik Slam Series.
contact us at:


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