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The Fleur de Sel Diaries

An homage to the black hole…
The disappearing black hole vanishes into thin air.  Nothing can come from nothing, my lovely dear.  The destructive potential of nothing.

My black hole seems to be changing.  It is no longer solo.  There are many and they are beginning to collide resulting in strange shapes – incongruent shapes.   One even had the audacity to turn into a straight line. In the beginning…quiet very quiet soft

My black hole today was white..a stunning brilliant hot white.  It was magnificient

Looking for white holes today…there are many and they are small.  Like a night sky.  And then in the end there was one big black hole that took almost all of my space with wildly unruly edges.

It is deeply unsettling – this notion that my black holes might be changing.  I don’t like it.  Not one little bit.  I miss my single solitary black hole.  It was so cozy and I knew where everything was.  This way I don’t know what’s coming or going.  One thing for sure, there seems to be a lot of things going.  Or at least, there seems to be an urgent need to make things go.  Go go out the door out the door hole.

I woke this morning and could not open my eyes.  They had been sealed shut tight.  Nothing I did could pry them open.  I was terrified and began jabbing my finger into my eye to see if I still had an eyelid.  Perhaps I became blind  - blind in the night.  My black hole finally got the best of me. 

A lone zero always misbehaves.



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