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Official Legal Council
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s6k is proud to announce Madama Griffitts as our legal council. They provide exceptional vital services for artists. Contract negotiation and funding information is only the beginning.

After over twenty years of listening to artists tell stories about being ripped off, s6k felt we should do our part to inform people to the reality of being a "professional artist." (We use the term "professional artist" as to reference a person who repeatedly attempts to be compensated for their artistic visions and talents.)

Madama Griffitts LLP helps to fill the gap between comprehending the inner-workings of the entertainment industry and the people who need the information about it.

Since they work with people from many different sectors of the entertainment industry, their perspectives are broad and quite unique.

"If you don't take charge of the business of your art, someone else will." DH

If you are signing a contract, negotiating a deal, working on a new idea (copyright issues), creating a new music label, get the facts about the laws and now they apply to you.

When you contact them, tell them you were sent by s6k.com
They will be expecting you...

Contact - info@madamagriffitts.com or 212-209-5450

Madama Griffitts LLP
click here for Madama Griffitts website

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