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Grossberg : "Max, this is the executive board of Network 23."
Max : "You mean you're the people who execute audiences?"

Our (my) fascination with Max Headroom began when the series originally aired on WABC-TV NY in 1987. By all accounts, it was the coolest thing to hit TV since the Twilight Zone. It spoke to all the things that were going on in the underground musical art scene. The crossing over of many first generation punks into the blossoming second generation industrial genre was perfectly cohesive with its cyberpunk vision.

Anyone who knows me (Darryl Hell), any most of you don't, know I have a self-designed, but professionally executed, tattoo that references Max Headroom.

Many of the story lines from the series could easily be applied to now.
It's interesting to note, the original British version is alleged to take place, aptly, in 2004.
(If you check out some of the other hidden links, you'll find what I'm referencing.)

Big corrupt media, police surveillance run amuck, greedy self-interested politicians, young wise-ass tech kids running companies behind the scenes, debit/ID/building access government issued cards, illegal to turn off your television,
and a diverse grouping of hardcore humans determined to have
a peaceful, honest world.

Yeh, that seems like next year...or 20 minutes into the future.

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