We will be supplying you plenty of arts programming in the near future.
It will feature the s6k Artist Toolbox. It'll be packed with helpfull
information and resources for artists who are just starting out and
for our fellow veterans as well.
Stay tuned...Launch date Fall 2003



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While you're waiting for the s6k Toolbox and the other art goodies, please read this message from our co-founder Deftly D.

(First a Hell note) WJUL DESERVES to be SAVED. It has been the bastion of independent music for years. Soon after I met Deftly, in 1989, he introduced me to WJUL. Their playlists are clearly in the top tier of indie radio stations. If you are interested in preserving artistic integrity on (y)our public airwaves, please check this out, and more importantly ACT on it.

Deftly will take it from here.

WJUL's staff are fighting against U Mass Lowell and the Lowell Sun (a newspaper owned by a major media conglomerate) to keep WJUL, a non-profit student and community run radio station from loosing a large chunk of it's airtime to the Lowell Sun.

For my personal interest I DJ'ed at WJUL for 10 years. It was and still is the only source for non-commercial music and views on the radio dial in the town I grew up in and well as many other communities covering hundreds of square miles.

In the era/error of Clear Channel and the FCC's attempts to deregulate media monopolies it's more important than ever to speak up when things like this are attempted against the community run station in your area.

See http://www.savewjul.org/ for all the details and updates on how you can get involved.


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