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Rise Up Radio and Antibalas
Put the "Fun" Back Into Funddrive
May 26th 7pm - 9pm
120 Wall Street, 10th floor New York City

In an effort to add excitement to WBAI's ongoing funddrive, Rise Up Radio is throwing a listening party during their May 26th broadcast. The broadcast, which will air between 7pm and 9pm on 99.5FM, will feature the Fela-Kuti inspired Antibalas Afrobeat Orchestra, as well as activists Kate Rhee and Billy Wimsatt.

While the Brooklyn-based Antibalas tears up the airwaves with sounds from their unreleased album, Who Is This America, young activists will be welcomed into the WBAI studios to enjoy a live performance.

Although the focus of the listening party is not fundraising, attendees will be encouraged to participate in a raffle that will benefit WBAI. Winners will walk away with a pair of tickets to Antibalas' June 5th Bowery Ballroom performance.

"We need to find newer, more creative fundraising and outreach strategies, ones that make sense given that our target audience is youth" said Rise Up collective member Leanne Stahnke. She further elaborated, "I don't think every effort has to have an immediate payoff. We might not raise more money, but hopefully younger activists will feel more connected to BAI."

Journalists Deepa Fernandes and Jackson Allers will also be on hand for the listening party. When asked about Rise Up's attempt to pull off a live fundraising show and a party at the same time, Fernandes commented, "[Rise Up Radio is] just where it is at!"

After the broadcast, an impressive line-up of youth organizers and artivists will participate in "Summer Preview." Speakers will give the crowd a two-minute outline of their group's current campaigns and plans, a communications effort that seems vital given the approaching Republican National Convention.

Stahnke noted that she was particularly excited about the Summer Preview portion of the evening. "We've received commitments from the following groups: NYCLU, Urban Word, Sektor 6 Kommunikations, SLAM, NYCoRE, Kayhan Irani, The League of Pissed Off Voters, and The Student Coalition on Expansion and Gentrification. We're also in communication with the Malcolm X Grassroots Movement, DRUM, Youth Organizers United, Ya-Ya, Make the Road by Walking, the Brecht Forum, and Critical Resistance. Hopefully, we'll have a representative present from each of those groups."

Take the 2, 3, 4, or 5 trains to Wall Street
Walk down hill past Water Street; building is at corner of South St.
Bring a picture I.D.
Nearby parking is usually available

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