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Zell Miller and Denise Majette - Surrounded by Republicans.
By Ron Walker
August 26, 2004

Retiring US Senator Zell Miller (D-GA) is going to give the Keynote speech at the Republican National Convention next week. Miller has raised the ire of many democrats with his strong support for the Bush administration and the Republican Party. He supports the Iraq war, the Bush tax cuts, the Patriot Act, and nearly every nefarious scheme the Bush administration puts forth. Miller has called his own party "out of touch with America".
So somebody tell me why Miller is so enamored with the politics of Denise Majette?

When former Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney, of Georgia's 4th Congressional District, had the courage to ask for an investigation of the events of 9/11 and was the first to ask the Bush administration, "What did you know, and when did you know it", it was good ol' ZigZag Zell Miller who called her a "loony". The right-wing and AIPAC, the Zionist political lobby, then went into action and formed a coalition with racists and white republicans to attack McKinney. They decided to use the political trickery of crossover voting to defeat McKinney, but given the demographics of the 4th district, which is majority black, they knew they would need a black face to defeat her. They turned to a black face ally of Miller, and one who he had appointed to the state judicial bench, Denise Majette.

With the backing of Miller, lots of Jewish money from out of state courtesy of AIPAC, a coalition of white republicans and racists, and the trick of crossover voting, which allowed republicans to vote in the democratic primary, Majette was able to defeat McKinney two years ago. The Bush administration's hand in this further disenfranchisement of African-American voters was as obvious as it is in the current "swift boat" debacle.
In this years race for the 4th district seat, McKinney announced that she was not defeated and would challenge Majette for her old seat. The next day Majette dropped out of the race and decided to run for pal Zell Miller's seat in the US Senate. With critical primary races on the republican side of the ticket, republican voters could not afford to crossover to support Majette again and she knew it. In fact, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, no friend of African-Americans or McKinney, printed an article that stated that Majette could not expect a large republican crossover turnout in her favor. In other words, Majette could not win a Democratic race without republicans.

And, it seems that nothing has changed.
Majette now has Zell Miller's political consultant and ex Press Secretary, Rick Dent, on her campaign staff. Dent was instrumental in getting Republican Linda Schrenko elected as the Georgia School Superintendent. The political career of Majette seems as entwined in republicans as that of Zell Miller.

The question that I have of Georgians, particularly black Georgians, is how are you anti-Bush, anti-Miller, and pro-Majette? How can one be against Bush, but support his stooge Zell Miller? How can one be against Miller, but support his protégé' Majette?

I've heard the argument that Majette voted for black interests during her one term in congress, but are you aware that she is against a verifiable paper audit trail for electronic voting? Do you know who owns and operates electronic voting machine corporations? What do you think is more important to the right-wing and George Bush; a vote for affirmative action or the ability to steal another election? What else is Majette beholden to do for Bush?

Miller and the republicans are not stupid and they aren't supporting Majette because of their big hearts. In an article in the Atlanta Jewish Times called "Blindsided", a political insider to Majette's campaign stated the he and many Jews were angry at Majette, first for running from McKinney, and secondly because "we didn't get a return on our investment". Investment?

Zell Miller has quite a large investment in the political career of Majette and black Georgians had better ask themselves what he and/or George Bush want in return.

CLICK HERE FOR The McKinney Perspective HOMEPAGE

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