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It’s time for Nadine Thomas and Connie Stokes to get out of the way.
By Ron Walker July 11, 2004

You may ask, exactly what are Thomas and Stokes in the way of? The answer is African-American political destiny and power in the south and expanded global influence. Ask yourself why would AIPAC (American Israeli Political Action Committee), the media, and the National Republican Party expend so much money and energy attempting to control a single congressional district in Georgia. The answer to that question is because of what the fight for Georgia’s 4th US Congressional District represents.

The 4th district is a majority black district and those numbers are rising with each new census. This coming election is a fight to manipulate and control black political power and leadership. It is a further attempt to disenfranchise African-Americans of the right to determine their own leadership and political destiny through the use of illusion and political trickery. It is a fight to silence the voice of one of America’s strongest voice for peace, prosperity for all Americans, the rights of women and children, and global responsibility, Cynthia McKinney. Her voice of reason is heard throughout the world.

In the last election in this district in 2002 the coalition of hate won. They installed a puppet named Denise Majette with a political slight of hand called crossover voting. Majette, once learning that McKinney was coming back, and fearing that she may not have the same level of support by Republicans in the 2004 election, opted to run away from a rematch which angered the coalition of hate. In an article in the Atlanta Jewish Times, a prominent Republican is quoted as saying “We did not get our return on investment in Majette.”

Return on investment!!!

Majette was bought and paid for … which brings us to the question of Connie Stokes and Nadine Thomas. Why would two seasoned black state Senators give up their tenure to run against McKinney and more importantly, why are they still in the race? Both Stokes and Thomas are polling in the low single digits and neither has the slightest chance of winning. For all the democrats who have joined with the Congressional Black Caucus in calling for Ralph Nader to get out of the way, surely those democrats understand that the very same dynamics exist in this historic race for black political freedom.

It is said that all Nader could do is hand the election to Bush because he has no chance of winning. The same is true in the 4th district where all that Stokes and Thomas can accomplish is to hand the election to Levetan or Woolard. In fact, that is exactly why Wollard, who is white, is the Atlanta City Council President in an overwhelmingly black city. Blacks ran against each other and split the vote instead of coalescing around a single candidate. Black political clout in a black city was thus diminished.

The political machinations of the coalition of hate are obvious and clear. We’ve seen this trick before. It is beyond time for our political maturation and we must choose leaders who have the interest of our future and destiny at heart. Are Thomas and Stokes only in the race to deny McKinney a 50% majority that a candidate needs to win Georgia elections outright? With the dismal performances of Thomas in debate, who attacks McKinney with reckless abandon but has only shown how naïve she is about the issues, one must ask what is her motivation. Is Thomas, like Majette, simply trying to “return the investment"?

Whatever the motivations of Thomas and Stokes may be, they do not serve the interests of black political power in the south when they’ve abandoned the trust of their constituents in their districts, and traded their tenure in the Georgia Senate for single digits in an all-important race against the coalition of hate and for black political power.


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