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~Syd Barrett Passes Away at 60~ contributor:louisa ashleigh
Katrina victims, How to Help and Where to Get the Facts [fwded by DJ Spooky]
[BANNED VIDEO REPORT] N.J. Senator Menendez's Office Responds to URNEKST about Habeas Corpus (1)
FSSA - Denard Henry Live at Mindswerve Studio [Issue 29 ROOM 101]
Stealth Mode [Issue 23]

The Franklin Affair: A Spreading Treason
British Prankster Smuggles Art Into Top NY Museums
Only In America
VFP Chapter 34 Meeting Minutes - October 18, 2007
9/11 Panel: How Do You Know What You Know? pt. 1
Doctor Hellstrom I Presume [Issue 18]
testimonial 1.31
The Religious Left is Back contributor:tamra spyvey
A Historical Perspective of Sit-In's / Occupations
A Frenzy of Nations: Changing Horses

PART 2 - Commentator on the Take Has Been Fired, so what about our $240,000?
VFP Chapter 34 Meeting Minutes - January 17, 2007
Attack On London: The Terror Card
Assasins,Drug Running, Sexual Rituals, Ex-Insiders Wife Speaks Out
Tips for Girls Who Want to Rock by Tamra Spivey of Lucid Nation
Correcting a Live Journal conversation about Darryl Hell promoting Blood Axis
The War Party Means Business
St. Augustine's Episcopal Church [legendary site of the 1st Panther Breakfast Program]
Kathleen Cleaver address when she was recruited from the Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee [SNCC] to join the Black Panthers for Self-Defense
The new meaning of "hippie" (my new blog) contributor:tamra spyvey
experiment 1
Crude Manipulation; Are We being Fleeced by Slimy Oil...Again
Lawsuit Takes on the Fake Financial System
Chomsky on the New World Order
4,000 American G.I.s have died in Iraq
Generations of Blowback and Karma: Reflections on our Founder's B-Day
David Hilliard's Childhood House
Bush Monkey pt. 2, Shown on Giant Billboard
Imperial America
In case you might be curious... contributor:joe
A Warning To The World
Testimonial 1.1
Our Hidden Government contributor:and eye
Mohamed Atta Map
DI6 documentary, be part of this audience interview for s6k Media & Voidstar Productions
La Borinquena Mex-icatessen
Panther Traffic Light [the Panther's 1st large scale action]
But what if I think 'people of faith' are a little crazy? contributor:tamra spyvey
FSSA - C-Dex live at Mindswerve Studio [Issue 27-ROOM 101]
10 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day every day!
Homeland 2004 - pt. 2
Dispensing With 'The Da Vinci Code' contributor:and eye
Neo-Cons, Team B, and Northwoods oh my...
[BANNED VIDEO REPORT] N.J. Senator Frank Lautenberg's Office Responds to caller_x about the Military Commisions Act
Psychological Carpetbombing [Issue 21]
Operation: Movement Abstraction [Issue 9]
Using Children as 'God's Army' contributor:tamra spyvey
Live Journal Fascists...They Still Didn't F**K OFF!
The War On Sex contributor:tamra spyvey
KICK ASS letter to Bush
Bobby Seale's Childhood Home
Methadone for America's oil addiction?
9/11 RICO suit continues
A.S. - Artificial Stupidity
testimonial 1.987
7/7 Mastermind was British Intel Asset
Missing Hoaxes are the Playground of Idiots contributor:darryl hell
Arundhati Roy: Back In the U.S.A. contributor:tamra spyvey
Old Glory contributor:tamra spyvey
100s of females murdered in Juarez since 90s
Nixon's "bright young guy" on President Cheney contrbutor:tamra spyvey
Will Israel Start WW 3?
Support Lt. Watada - petition and demos Fri Oct 19
The Kennedys will Never be Dead: Thoughts on Punk Rock, Rebellion, and Historical Memory
US and Israel Choose to Boycott the Durban Review Conference 2009
VFP - Chapter 34 Meeting Minutes - June 21, 2007
VFP Chapter 34 Meeting Minutes - May 15, 2008
FSSA - Ann Washington [Issue 26-SCANNEd]
Transmissions from the Battleship [Issue 17]
Get Me Off This Crazy Thing [Issue 12]
Background on Non-Violent Actions
Stop Blaming Myspace contributor:jade
s6k Presents Another State of the State of the Union
How Do I Look update; Aids , Balls, and the Forgotten Community
Diary entry #2.56
an 1800 Colonial Williamsburg Experience
Michael Ruppert
Real Debate on the Bailout: 4 Presidential Candidates comment on Bailout
Stalin for President! contributor:tamra spivey
An s6k MLK Day 2009 Blipvert: A Dream Redefined
Howard Zinn on Fixing What's Wrong contributor:tamra spyvey
US "Planning to Keep 50,000 Troops in Iraq for Many Years" contributor:tamra spyvey
St Patrick's Day For All Parade
Impact Arena
Bait A Predator to Catch A Voyeur contributor:tamra spyvey
Eyewitnesses Verify Bombs in the Basement of the WTC
FSSA - Jana Clemen Live at Mindswerve Studio [Issue 28 ROOM 101]
Have you heard of the School of the Americas?
VFP Chapter 34 Meeting Minutes - June 5, 2008
Issue 2
Chapter 34 Meetings
Happy Original Mother's Day from s6k!
Hear the new Mindless Self Indulgence song contributor:DAMN Artist Management
Just a Few Things
"Don't Be Left Behind" article by Russell Mokhiber and Robert Weissman
Esther's Orbit Room
Behind the Mask, DI6 is now available for order
Urgent! Send a letter to the FCC to save WZBC, and WMFO!!!
Towers planned in 1976-Luis Colon interviews Tim McNiven
Will the US Send a Representative to the Durban Review Conference 2009
View from the Opposite Side of the Telescope [Issue 7]
Who is Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi?
Pride Parade Update 54th Street
VFP Chapter 34 Meeting Minutes - April 17, 2008
Stop the Church of Scientology's Crimes contributor:DasKreestof
Marcus Book Store [Oakland]
VFP Chapter 34 Meeting Minutes - January 3, 2007
An Amazing Female Musician, Cheikha Rimitti, Dies @ 83 contributor:tamra spyvey
DeFremery Park
Important April 2nd and April 4th
Critically Massed
The censored speech of John Lewis [September 9, 1963]
Depleted uranium turns lies into high-tech horror contributor:tamra spyvey
Gallery shut down in Censorship of BUSH MONKEY
Cut the Break What's Broke to Fix [Issue 14]
Douglas P. - Death in June contest -, Voidstore, Tesco
Vicky Virgin's Salt Lake, a New Ballet in 3 Acts @ the Fringe NYC
VFP Chapter 34 Meeting Minutes - March 6, 2008
Miss Oats Biography
Moody Memos Set the Stage for the 'Fox Effect'
East Bay Organizations' Employment Committee
Our Music, Everyones Culture...
The Apples May Roll Far from the Tree; Martin Luther King’s Kids, a Sad Choice and a Funeral
'We used to think there was a black community'
La Clinica de la Raza
Musicians with Nothing to Say contributor:tamra spyvey
Muslim Cleric says Al-Queda Does Not Exist
Waiting for Justice and Effective HIV/AIDS Prevention Programs for the "Ball Community".

What will W do next?
Johnny Sanchez Asks our Help to Fight MTA "UN"Fare Hike
Original location for the 1st office of the Black Panther Party For Self-Defense
John Edwards-Bilderberg approved
VFP Chapter 34 Meeting Minutes - October 4, 2007
"New" Pentagon Video release is planned by the Necons contributor:and eye

Random Thought Generator [Issue 35]
3rd Annual New Jersey International Salsa Congress
Margarita Lopez for Borough President of Manhattan: Put a Truth Teller Where it Counts
Cynthia McKinney on Hurricane Katrina
Brooklyn Crossroads doors are closed indefinitely
Four Star General Fired for Coup vs The Neo-Cons?
Drug profits, money laundering, and 9/11
The Endless War Memorial 3.15.07
VFP Chapter 34 Meeting Minutes - May 1, 2008
DJ Darryl Hell "Tool and Die" live remix
Blame is for God and Little Children contributor:tamra spyvey

BART Station where Oscar Grant was Shot on New Years Eve 2009
an s6k Arts interview w/Genesis P-Orridge
Get your "choose death" license plate! contributor:tamra spyvey
President Bush wants 'Pro-Homosexual' Drama Banned
Paul Wolfowitz's Race to be Top World Bank Teller
Stealth Mode [Issue 23]
Teen runs over grandmother, police say
Congress is selling out the Internet
Happy Thankstaking_version 2
C-Span Presents a 9/11 Forum Focused on the Truth and Not Patriotism contributor:darryl hell
The Hell Tech Wars [Issue 11]
60 Minutes-Bones Report
A message from the Catholic Peace Fellowship of New Jersey
"All He Wanted was a Hamburger" A Lawyer's Story #1
Homeland 2004 pt. 3
Burning the Closet Test
VFP Chapter 34 Meeting Minutes - December 6, 2007
Nic Berg; PsyOps?
Wall of Shame. Senators who Refused to Sign Anti-lynching Resolution
VFP Chapter 34 Meeting Minutes - January 3, 2007
The Eminent Domain Report: Premier Preview
The Continued Dream; Observing Martin Luther King's B-Day
VFP Chapter 34 Meeting Minutes - March 20, 2008
Liberia Sex-for-Aid "Widespread" contributor:tamra spivey
World's Biggest Polluter: We're Number One! USA! USA! contributor:tamra spyvey
Get Me Off This Crazy Thing [Issue 12]
Lt. Watada Support Event Rescheduled to next week due to Trial Postponement
Tim Wise Breaks his Paralyzed State to Speak on Katrina
"Dreadlocks" A Letter from Wisconsin Prison Watch
Random Thought Generator [Issue 35]
Douglas. P. "BEHIND THE MASK": Official Website

How the Right Stole the Sixties contributor:tamra spyvey
Full Ride Scholarships for Graduating High School Seniors
My Space Trackers Do Not Work contributor:and eye
Ask Delay To Step Down
Ten Reasons to Watch Mexico's Presidential Election contributor:tamra spyvey
Primitive to Modern to Modern Primitive [Issue 22]
Cynthia McKinney is Back...Loud, Well-Researched and Proud, bringing the Facts to Rumsfeld
Harley Flanagan [Misfits/Murphy's Law/Cromags/ect.] How I got into Punk Rock/The Early Day's of NYHC the NY SKIN scene...
DIJ's Douglas P. does his First Documentary for s6k Media & Voidstar Productions

World Order [Issue 19]
Stress and Feminism
Barnyard Fun [Issue 10]
Music of Puerto Rico
1971, Congressional Record- Bilderberg
Harley Flanagan and the hardcore Hall of Fame; What is punk rock and is it really dead?
London Plot Thickens
Corrected Date: Reminder:VFP Chapter 34 Upcoming Events - Sunday March 2 & Thursday March 6th
The Pentagon's New Map - The Video

[hq2600] From Cynthia McKinney: Ruminations on President Obama's Tenure Thus Far and "Acceptable Punditry"
Howard Zinn on Fixing What's Wrong contributor:tamra spyvey
The 9/11 cover up continues
Former site of Kahn's Department Store
How Do I Look on LOGO TV
RUNews_Rehnquist Dies...Humanity Sighs...
Downing Street Memo Puts Pressure on Bush
Black Panther for Self-Defense Central Headquarters 1970
Rally at St. Albans this Saturday, March 29, 2008 at 10 AM.
Temescal Community Garden
What is Politics? [an s6k Arts perspective]
What Would Martin Luther King Jr. Say in 2011?
The "new" footage of the Pentagon Attack contributor:and eye
The Orwell Doctrine; 9.11.01 Live
$240,000 of Your Tax Dollars go to 1 Commentator to Promote NCLB
"Put Revolution on the Map" Fundraising Webathon!
Christianity in America Under Attack contributor:tamra spyvey
Grand Central Vigil
Real ID Microchips Coming in 2 years... RESIST!!! contributor:and eye
Indentured servitude contributor:tamra spivey
An interview with a Marine; Life, Blood and Reality
Last Chance to Speak to Congress about the Election and Alberto Gonzales
How to make big money
University Inc.
Diary entry #2.98
The Grand Re-Opening of G & G 192 Mercer St., NYC
Agenda; Election of Chapter Officers
Reminder:VFP Chapter 34 Upcoming Events - Sunday March 2 & Thursday March 7th
Baton bashing a 70 year old female poet = security
John Edwards-Bilderberg approved
Towers planned in 1976-Luis Colon interviews Tim McNiven
"Welcome to Your New Normal" [Issue 1]
Stop the Dorm: A message from our gal pal Penny Arcade
"Guest Worker" or Modern Slave contributor:darryl hell
Bi-Monthly Meeting info
VFP Chapter 34 Meeting Minutes - May 15, 2008
Bomb Sniffing Dog Proves itself to be a Dud
Hillary and Rupert sitting in a tree contributor: Tamra Spivey
A theoretical lyrical collaboration between John Cage and James Brown [Issue 2]
Tomb of the Living [Issue 4]
No Country for Old Men [Issue 16]
Candidate for NYC Public Advocate Bill de Blasio is a NO GO
Sonic Warriors United "Special Ops Deployment" [Issue 3]
9/11 Legislation Launches Misguided Data-Mining and Domestic Surveillance Schemes
Loose Change: 9/11 Documentary Unlike None Other
Eminent Domain Report; Bill Rodwell and the Legacy of 111 Arts, Jersey City, NJ
Fleur goes on a rampage…

A Bit of Balance in an Unbalanced Sea; Who Exactly Are the Pirates?
Pride Day parade ALERT - this Sunday June 29th
Jersey City [NJ] Internal Affairs Unit; statement on "Drunk Cops" video
Vigil for the 4000th death in Iraq
Operation Radio Fertig [Issue 15]
How money is created in America... contributor: And Eye
VFP Chapter Meeting
Let the whores die; chapter 2
Boston area Court Solidarity Needed Twice this Week
Reporter Who Examined CIA-Contra-Cocaine Link Dies
Cynthia McKinney Presses Rumsfeld on DOD Debt and Contracts
World Order [Issue 19]
Joe Cuba "The Father of Boogaloo" Dies
Pentagon Strike
Decoded Beats of Aggression and Thoughtfulness [Issue 13]
Last Day to Preorder Death In June's Behind the Mask
World Can't Wait New Year office warming party Jan 9
Saturday, March 22, 11:30am - 2:00pm. Veterans For Peace Chapter 034
Transmissions from the Battleship [Issue 17]
Playing Dirty For Jesus contributor:tamra spyvey
VFP Chapter 34 Meeting Minutes - February 7, 2008
An homage to the black hole…
The DVD, Theatrical Release and U.S. Tour of "How Do I Look" is Coming
Where the Huey Newton vs Police Shootout Happened
Coal, abortions, invisible generation contributor:tamra spyvey
Musicians with Nothing to Say contributor:tamra spyvey

Check out "Loose Change" [version 2] contributor:kymba
Issue 3
Iraq: One Year Later
VFP Chapter 34 Meeting Minutes - October 4, 2007
Nixon's Watergate and JFK's Murder
VFP Chapter 34 Meeting Minutes - November 15, 2007
Images of the Father of Boogaloo, Joe Cuba
Eminent Domain and Disaster Economics: Rev. Kevin Brown [pt1]
L.A. Pride! contributor:tamra spyvey
Hairstory from The Netherlands
Homeland 2004 - pt. 1
RUNews: Iraq Debt Forgiven by US...Yeh right...
Still Here!
Tim McNiven on PAX lie detector
What Would Martin Luther King Jr. Say in 2011?
The Carlyle Group video
VFP - Chapter 34 Meeting Minutes - September 6, 2007
The War Inside [Issue 5]
Former Location of the Oakland Army Induction Center
Why Are Men Still Joking About Rape? contributor:tamra spyvey
Thanks from
New Bylaws
Pine Ridge Leader Faces Battle Over Abortion Ban contributor:tamra spyvey
Merritt Junior College
Huey's Penthouse Home After Being Released from Jail
Ann Wright @ the Community Bookstore, Brooklyn
Arundhati Roy: Back In the U.S.A. contributor:tamra spyvey
Revolting Pharmacists and the Ultimate Total Abortion contributor:tamra spivey
Cynthia McKinney Speaks at Chicago Anti-War Rally
s6kArts News Team Scoops RUNews Collective
chashama presents: TAX-FREE ART SHOW Aug 15 to Aug 27, 2008
Racism in Hospitals
The Crucifiction of the Bunny
Psychological Carpetbombing [Issue 21]
How Do I look Report from Mar 17th, 2009 by "Terence & Kevin"
Ten years of prison for a tit flash?
Purpose Lounge 2010/2011 Workshop Launch Party
South Dakota becomes a battleground for choice
Another Reminder for Black People in the "United States"
"Black Futurist" Artwork
Color Me Dubious [Issue 24]
Homeland 2004-Pt. 4, Elite Sposored Terrorism
Emancipation Day: Puerto Rico; Celebrating the 136th Anniversary of the Abolition of Slavery
Pigs Gorging on Katrina contributor: Tamra Spivey
Color Me Dubious [Issue 24]
Geronimo Pratt Lawyer, Johnny Cochran, Dies at 67
Huey Newton's Childhood Home
Cut the Break What's Broke to Fix [Issue 14]
Weight Loss
Quitting smoking and cake!
"Satan is clinging to our sexual organs"
War Bill Deletes US Military Base Prohibition contributor:tamra spyvey
The Controlled Demolition of the WTC
Gettin the drug dealer and not the King Pins
History & Symbolism of the Puerto Rican Flag
Tehran Insider Tells of US Black Ops
Charlie Sheen 9/11 Truth speech contributor:randi rhodes fans
Journal Entry #2.13
Primitive to Modern to Modern Primitive [Issue 22]
Grandmas for choice take on South Dakota!
Rep.McKinney Hosts Full Day of 9/11 Citizen's Responses
Drunk Cops in Jersey City, NJ
Being 100% Clear about the 99% Movement
Proud to be White_the s6k Response
Follow the money. Screw veterans, yay goose step contributor:tamra spyvey
Join us September 25th & 26th, 2007
"It's in My Brain Now...": Human Scanner Technology - A Scary Glimpse into the Present
Possible Links to Terrorist Network and Neo-Cons in Italy
The War Party on Trial
Right to Life Montana supports Nazi candidate contributor:tamra spyvey
The Dihydrogen Monoxide mix [Issue 6]
111 Arts (Japanese Documentary)
Studio of Yuri Kochiyama
Israel spy ring busted!
"Satan is clinging to our sexual organs"
An s6k response to Michele Obama's "Call to Service"
Issue 1
Doctor Hellstrom I Presume [Issue 18]
FSSA - DJ Darryl Hell & Deftly D / Sonik Slam v1 [Issue 30 ROOM 101]
VFP Chapter 34 Meeting Minutes - September 20, 2007
s6k:Investigates Goes Primetime with the "Drunk Cops" story
Salsa All-Stars Send Off.... Farewell to Gonzalez Y Gonzalez
an s6k Arts interview w/Annie Sprinkle
View from the Opposite Side of the Telescope [Issue 7]
Do you Live Where You Want to Live or Where You Can Live?
Responses to Why do men joke about rape bulletin contributor:tamra spyvey
Barnyard Fun [Issue 10]
Operation Radio Fertig [Issue 15]
THEATER, GENOCIDE & PROTEST: NYC Street Theater Group Acts Against Slaughter in Darfur
Visit 7 Hot Spots with ArtCrawl Harlem
14 year old Iraqi boy murdered by cops for being gay contributor:tamra spivey
The US and its Empires of Oppression
A New York City Stoop-chat with legendary performance artist and porn star Annie Sprinkle
End of Year Wrap Up
Eminent Domain and Disaster Economics: Rev. Kevin Brown [pt 2]
Site of Community Rejuvenation Project's mural called "Oakland Celebrations"
Marcus Garvey's Universal Negro Improvement Association West Coast Headquarters
Cypress Freeway Collapse
RIGHT NOW! Broadcasting from the coup (at the National Archives)

Why did Feith resign? Israel spy investigation?
The death of another all ages club. Can you help? contributor: Tamra Spivey
The Ten Worst Corporations of 2005
Black Panther Party for Self-Defense Anti-Poverty Center
Place where Huey P. Newton was Killed
New World Army
Testimonial 1.2
VFP Chapter 34 Meeting + 4PM - Rally for NY
Bi-Monthly Meeting Notice
Decoded Beats of Aggression and Thoughtfulness [Issue 13]

9/11: How Do You Know What You Know? Exhibit ends Tonight
A Prescription For Facism
Back to reality after a few weeks of insanity (literal at times!)
A Conversation with Lee Perry
Charlie Sheen Goes Viral and Speaks Out Against Official 9/11 Story
America vs The United Nations - Hegelian Dialectic
C-span to cover 911 truth talk!!!
Latin? Hispanic? What's the difference?
The Hell Tech Wars [Issue 11]
[hq2600] Israel stops Lebanese Gaza aid ship
Sleater Kinney calls it quits contributor:tamra spyvey
Wishing You a Happy Anniversary of King Herrod's Baby Slaughter
No Country for Old Men [Issue 16]
Winter Soldier - Iraq & Afghanistan Eyewitness Accounts of the Occupations News Archive 10/22/03 to 10/6/04
WUML/WJUL under attack!!!
9/11 Panel: How Do You Know What You Know? pt 2
VFP Chapter 34 Meeting Minutes - April 3, 2008
VFP Chapter 34 Meeting Minutes - November 1, 2007
The Purpose Lounge [A Legacy of Freedom] Mixed Media Series: June 2009
Rape in the U.S. military: a report from the trenches contributor:Tamra Spivey
Atta Papers Detroyed by Pentagon
Cherokee County Man Bungles Four Tries to Kill Wife
Death in June contest - and the winner is...
Sharing Hair Experiences; The Follicle Chronicles
Words, Video, and Pictures from Katrina
"Able Danger" Intel Exposed Protected Heroin Ring
August Events
VFP Chapter 34 Meeting Minutes - December 20, 2007
Media links for the Tribute to Joe Cuba
Government Accountability Office said the Bush Administration Produced and Distributed Cove
Alberto Gonzales, his Testimony vs. His Record
PANZER DIVISION interview by Flint
The Dihydrogen Monoxide mix [Issue 6]
Join the Coca Cola boycott! Here's why.
Location of Little Bobby Hutton Shootout
Public meeting to save WUML this Thursday
Operations Northwood Lies Provocation and the Masterminding of Terror
VFP-Chapter 34(NYC; Organization & Election Procedures
Sonic Warriors United "Special Ops Deployment" [Issue 3]
Combustible Ideology [Issue 20]
Upcoming Events
Diary entry # 3.79
Witnesses Link Missile & Small Jet Parts to Pentagon Strike
Diary entry #11-11/11.11 Seeks to use Live Journal as New RU News Host
A Perfect Fit: Wolfowitz at the World Bank
Secrets of the Federal Reserve
For ‘Chairman Moe,’ One Last Salute By BROOKE HAUSER Published: November 18, 2007
In the summer of '67 everybody wanted to go 'natural'
VFP Chapter 34 Meeting Minutes - May 1, 2008
Once We Were Free and had a Real Childhood contributor:chris flam
Operation: Movement Abstraction [Issue 9]
Eminent Domain and Disaster Economics: Gopal Panday
The War Inside [Issue 5]
Israel Forewarned of London Attack
Using Children as 'God's Army' = mental illness contributor:tamra spyvey
Thank You "Tea Baggers" for Letting Amerikkka Speak
Alameda County Superior Court [Site of the "Free Huey" protests]
Stop Fake "Clinics" from Deceiving Women

Voidstar Productions presents: 2009 Multimedia Circus
A Question of Coincidence
Alabama Bill Targets Gay Authors
Curly Hair
a conversation w/John Bechdel & Darryl Hell; Paul Raven Remembered
Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters
Pat Robertson Goes Overboard...Again!