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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

DirecTV UltimateTV vs Tivo: ultimate still a winner.

I recently purchased a new Tivo receiver with dual tuners and all the new features. I have owned an UltimateTV receiver for years. But what I don't understand is why they copied so many UltimateTV features and even added a couple of new ones like the "thumbs up" feature to select programs from commercials, but they left out the skip ahead feature which skips ahead 30 seconds. Instead, the user is left with the corny vcr style multi-speed fast forward. I wonder how something like that could be "forgotten" or wheter it was actually an appeasement to advertisers. With the ultimate TV skip ahead feature you can easily skip comercials with 6-7 presses of the skip ahead button without even looking at the screen. But with the new system you have to watch the screen to know when to stop the advance. Maybe that is why even though i dont use the system for internet access I still have to pay a BS $9.00 UltimateTV service fee monthly vs the $0 fee for using Tivo. Anyone else out there with me on this? Oh yeah and anyone out there have any luck with using the network connection on their UltimateTV to access it from a computer? peace to all of you techheads out there.

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