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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Healy Announces new curfews for Jersey City

Mayor Jerramiah "the Heel" Healy delivered a press release on Feb 25,2005 titled "ROWDIES GO HOME!"   The mayor goes on to say "This ordinance is not designed to infringe upon the rights of anyone, but we want to ensure our law-abiding citizens do have the right for a decent quality of life," Troy said. "Very often the groups that gather at these types of establishments get into fights or become the catalysts for much of the unruly behavior in our streets. Well now, the party is over." 

But the implementation of any type of curfew offers opportunity for both racial profiling and even furhter dampening of the local businesses of Jersey City.  As the curfew affects restaurants, markets, and bars in a 135 block area, an examination of the ownership of those buisnesses and the audience they serve will almost certainly show a clear racial and class trends. As it is we lose business to New York City because of longer hours of entertainment even though NJ still allows smoking in restaurants and bars.

Although businesses can apply for a waiver to stay open.  this places the owness for securing our liberties back on to citizens.

It would not be hard to see how the reduction in business for stores and venues in that area make it more likely that external entities could take advantage of the new Economic Development Zone and Redevelopment Funds established in that area.

The districts affected by the ordinance are:

Street From To
Communipaw Avenue Martin Luther King Drive Grand Street
Martin Luther King Drive McAdoo Avenue Communipaw Avenue
Monticello Avenue Communipaw Avenue Orchard Street
Ocean Avenue Bayonne Line Bramhall Avenue
Pacific Avenue Communipaw Avenue Grand Street
Communipaw Avenue Pine Street Manning Avenue
Communipaw Avenue Monticello Avenue West Side Avenue
Sip Avenue Summit Avenue Bergen Avenue
Franklin Street Central Avenue Palisade Avenue
Kennedy Boulevard North Street Secaucus Road
Palisade Avenue Beacon Avenue North Street
Summit Avenue North Street Secaucus Road


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