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Monday, April 11, 2005

Bill Maher: Selling out to the alledged more conservative middle

Bill Maher, though occasionally entertaining, has recently been swing more and more to placate a more conservative audience.  In his recent episode with Mario Cuomo, Richard Perle, Arianna Huffington, Ian McShane and Joe Watkins, Bill concedes  to Richard Perle that perhaps the NeoCon adgenda was correct given the recent changes in the Middle East such as Afganistan  and Iraqi elections and the establishment of the interim government in Iraq.  But he counters that the only problem is that the administration should have been upfront about the fact that we were going to war abou regime change and the promulgation of democracy (as if it was not about longterm oil resource concerns and American hegemony).  

We need not even look back at America's history to see the lie in the new pretense: spreading democracy.  The president stated during the 2004 debates that the American government is here to look out for American interests and that it is America and not the United Nations that should be the final determiner of what is or is not in our national interest.  The part he didnt mention was that when he said American interests he really means the interests of PACs, Lobbies, and American corporations especially oil companies and those involved in millitary contracts.

But back to Bill Maher.It is not a logical like of reasoning to say there is a correlation between America's self interested attack on our silent arms client, Iraq  and the fact that with thier despotic leader deposed, cities razed and turned into battlefields, Iraqi citizens have attempted to pick up the pieces and rebuild  a new government.  Any more than one could say that the enslavement of africans for four hundred years of captivity and the establishment of Jim Crowe were proper the right idea for the integration of Blacks in a America because the Civil Rights movement eventually rose up to claim rights and dignity.  I guess it was all to build character as my high school calculus teacher Ms Conway would say when assigning detention (JUG: Justice Under God .. for those who did not attend Catholic school) .  This may seem like an extreme comparison until you realize that the trues similarity is that in both cases History has been either rewritten or softshoed to cover the fact the actions were done to benefit the minority who control the majority of wealth and resouces almost to a man through ill-gotten gains and the exploitation of the weak or at least weaker.

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20 Apr 2005
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20 Apr 2005
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