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Sunday, May 8, 2005

Andrew Sullivan and US History

Watching  BIll Maher again.. when will i learn or rather when will his guest Andrew Sullivan learn.    He seems to be currently trying to distance himself from the ultra conservative movement.  But he still doesnt ackowledge the real truth about these conservatives and that is that they are not people who in good faith belive the filth they spout.

They are bought whores for corporations or petitioners to join an  age old american oligarchy founded as always on the deception  and explooitation of the large part of our nation's population  for the few the rich and the powerful.  Why else are there laws to prevent people form speaking out against dangerous foods or to prevent states from controlling their air quality or controlling what pesticides are used in your town or area or whether or not genetically engineered crops can be grown in your area and even the right to know what genetically engineered crops are in your area.  

it is a fact that the meat industry has historically been feeding dead animals to the same animals.. this has been found in the case of chicken and with beef.    but i digress. this will be the topic of another post.

But back to Andrew Sullivan.  This is guy comes across as if he has had such a good education but it is merely a front as once again his commentatry illustrates.  He says that United States Constitution was created here as something completely unique in the world by our nations founders, a collection of hypocritical slave owners and landed gentry trying to get a concensus while maintaining thier power over the uneducated masses ala the Electoral College. Bill pointed out the influences of the Magna Carta once again showing fine the quality of our American educational system.  But I recall that in fact the United State's Constitution was heavliy based upon the Iroquois Confederacy  and here is a lesson plan for those of you who like Andrew don't know this The Iroquois Confederacy and the US Constitution.
But i guess, in the revisionist history Andrew recalls the Indians dont even exist as thier history after the arrival of Columbus and to this day doesnt cast such a great light on America's  openess,equality and opportunity for all.    How does this guy get to be an editor of The New Republic? But I guess it is just indicative that even well off white folks cant get a decent education in this country.

He also goes on to speak about the basic goodness of Christianity. And i do belive that thre are many Christians who go out with the best interests in mind.  But unfortunatly a part of that seems to be foisting thier beliefs on others.  Even as a child watching the nuns passing around the mission basket for the donations to help the missionaries in places like South America and Africa,  I couldnt help but think that all of those places would be better off if they had never met Christianity and the colonization and enslavement that came hand in hand with it and which Christianity supported in the Church.  In fact the Catholic Church should have to pay reparations to the remains of the tribes of indians, africans and aboriginals they have destroyed through cultural genocide. And these reparations should come with no "Jesus" attached.  Even today the second class status of women and the way many women have been brainwashed to accept this status in the Church is part of the laws of Man not God.  We have to get to the point of recognizing that if any religion has a right to be respected all of them do. And that goes form the Christian flavors to the beliefs of tribesmen living in the Amazonian rainforest.

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18 Jul 2005
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