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Sunday, April 10, 2005

Sprint PCS Sucks Ass

All this week SprintPCS service has been completely screwed up.  Outbound calls would drop after varying intervals of connection often within the couple of minutes.  Also, I found that there were voice messages for calls that went directly to voicemail. This wasnt just a problem with my phone as I have two roomates who were having the exact same problem yet have 2 different and more recent phones than my own.

So I call Sprint and after about 20 minutes of arguing with the representative, I am offered 60 free minites.

Quick aside, if you are a person likemyself who has basically replaced his land line with a cell phone and has a plan with 2000 daytime minutes and unlimited off peak and evening minutes then free minutes as compensation is no compensation at all. This is no penalty for Sprint either.  There needs to be real compensation in the form of reducing your bill as in the Quality of Service Agreement other copmanies like bandwidth providers offer.  There is no leverage for forcing better service currently other than leaving the company.   We need more consumer advocacy and lobbying of the government and public shaming of companies who like Sprint think they can provide sub standard services with imputinty.

So back to the story at hand.  I get 60 free minutes and tell my roomates to also call and make a compalint to empasis to Sprint that there is an issue.  One of my roommates calls Sprint only to find that according to the operator she spoke with, that  there was NO REPORT of an issue in our area  on file.   Moreover, her more polite approach only got her 5 minutes of additional airtime. 5MINUTES!!!  This doesnt even equal the amount of time she had to waste speaking to these lazy jerks. Or the missed calls she had to then followup on. Or the wasted time in her life spent calling people over and over when calls repeatedly dropped.  Or even the poor reflection on her professional image for having such defective service.

After her call, I decided to call Sprint back to further berrate them for not recording the error in any appreciable way, for making client do the work of monitoring thier network, and for the lack of appreciable compensation. This lead to me being transferred to a supervisor named Ginger, operator number  GROANE01.  This woman, upon hearing my complaints at one point responded with "If you are so unhappy with our service why dont you just leave?" This is a great indicator of their actual respect for thier customers. My response  to her was that the ONLY reason i have service with Sprint is because when working properly thier network is 230kbs.

  But as you will see in other posts to this blog, that is not so frequently the case and if it werent for the idiosyncrasies of my professional life i would probably just drop them and switch to using just my Bluetoth Modem enabled, international capable,T-Mobile phone. The only unfortunate thing is that T-Mobile has a network with only 115kbs.  And for some reason there is a major dropped ball in the form of a bug with Bluetooth Authentication , the Nokia 3650 phone  and important Windows services like Terminal Service and Fax Service.   I will go into this further in a future post to see if any one else out there has the same problem.

So in the end, I am told that they will review my case and make an "appropriate adjustment" but that that would not be in the form of reimbursement on my bill.

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