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Sunday, February 20, 2005

Sprint service in atlanta is one of the worst cellular experiences i have had in a while

They say they have the best nationwide network and if you consider the northeast coast the nation then OK. But while in Atlanta and even in Phoenix, AZ, Sprint PCS service falls far below my expectations. I would experience missed calls be cause they couldn't get through, poor voice quality, and data services like gprs modem were all but completely unavailable. If Sprint doesnt get its act together they will lose the cellular game. Because i also have a T-mobile phone which although i despise the design of Nokia 3650 (the deisgner who came up with round dial buttons should be shot by the ergonomics police) It worked like a charm both for voice and access to its lower bandwidth network (115k vs the 230k sprint connection is ussually see) moreover you can get off a plane in france and ROAM at very affordable rates. 

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