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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Where can I get Financial presentation captioning

Captioning means providing the textual representation of an audio in any kind of video; be it a television program, documentary, DVD or a video from any real life event such as conferences etc. Meeting room captioning is nothing but subtitling for a video of a business meeting. Captioning can be done in two ways. In the first a recorded video is sent to a transcribing company which listens to the audio and provides the captions in the same language or nay other language desired by the customer. The other type of captioning is where these services are provided live. In this the captioning will appear a few second behind the audio in order to fully understand the information being shown. From the point if viewing again you have two types of captioning; closed and open. In the former you can turn on or off the captioning in the video as per your wish but in the latter case you are forced to see the text along with the audio even if you don’t want to. The benefits of captioning are immense especially in today’s global scenario where the world is shrinking day by day due to technological advancements. You have multinational companies who constantly move their employees from one place to another. When these employees attend a company meeting then they are faced with some difficulties. These employees experience new cultures and languages when they go to another country or even if they move to one that speaks their language’ there might be difficulty in understanding the accent. In such a situation if they were provided with a video with caption; then there can be surety that correct information has been conveyed. The governments across the world are pushing for inclusive employment and educating. This means that those among us who have any hearing impairments or any other disability may not be left out and all facilities to make their life convenient and full of dignity be provided. Captioning is a big step in that direction. This is often seen in government agencies that frequently employs such people. Business meetings provide training and up to date information about the company’s products and services and if you have a simultaneous video with real time captioning provided the deaf can as easily capture the information as those who can her. In another scenario these same videos can also be recorded and captioning provided for later viewings.For more details Financial presentation captionist .

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