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Monday, January 22, 2007



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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

this is incredible

i had forgotten how recent this was

Posted by Mr t at 10:00 AM
Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Cognitive Dissonance and Patriotism

How can Cognitive Dissonance relate to patriotism?

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Wednesday, July 6, 2005

Now we are all Indians.

winds of exploitation may be turning.  Native Americans are gaining ground in a class action lawsuit against the US government for gross mismanagement (putting it lightly) of Native American Trust accounts. At the same time, the Supreme Court upheld that a case which may allow State governments to force you off your lands.

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Sunday, May 8, 2005

Andrew Sullivan and US History

Andrew Sullivan chides Bill Maher to study  history. Perhpas he should do so himself.

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Friday, May 6, 2005

Speak your Mind .. except about food, the environment or gas.

As Angela Davis said "If they come for them in the morning they will come for you in the evening." Known as ''veggie libel'' or ''banana bills,'' the laws have been enacted in a dozen states since 1991, despite serious concerns about their constitutionality. In them, American agribusiness has its mightiest tool yet against food-safety activists and environmentalists, whose campaigns can cost industry millions if they affect consumers' buying habits. As one food industry lobbyist says, ''all agricultural eyes will be watching this one.''
  My sister, a doctor now warns me that because of mercury levels i have to cut back on the salmon I eat and i love fish.. I loved growing up Catholic with a traditional grandmother who made sure we had fish every Friday but now like many other things instead of being brain food now its turning to a source of brain damage and a cancer.  The corporations are buying off our representatives to turn a blind eye to the fact they are poisoning us through one vector after another.

Even in the 80's,  it was recognized that we wouldnt see the effects of deep sea dumping  for 30 years.. tick tick tick.  And if the deep sea ecosystems are distrurbed it will have represussions all the way up the food chain.

Posted by developer at 1:56 PM
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Friday, April 29, 2005

Call the White House and file a complaint

Let the white house know if you dont like what they are doing.

Posted by zaphod at 9:36 PM
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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

A new Tuskegee Experiment

A NY city agency said Friday that it has asked for a review of its policies and whether they were followed when it allowed more than 400 HIV-positive children in foster care to be enrolled in tests of HIV drugs from the late 1980s to 2001.

John Mattingly, commissioner of the Administration for Children's Services, said the inquiry would look into whether the agency acquired the necessary parental or guardian permissions to include the children in the research.

The agency said that about 465 HIV-positive children were enrolled in drug tests between 1988 and 2001, the majority before 1996. The tests were conducted as researchers tried to figure out what kind of drugs would combat HIV and AIDS in children.

What have we learnedin the 33 years since the end of the 40 year Tuskegee Syphilis experiment?  Once again it is the most poor and defenseless put up as lab rats for corporate experimentation.

Posted by developer at 2:10 PM
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Monday, April 11, 2005

Bill Maher: Selling out to the alledged more conservative middle

Bill Maher, Iraq, Richard Perle

Posted by developer at 1:50 AM
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Sunday, March 27, 2005

watch out for Mc donald

i just watched Super Size Me snd in one month of eating only Mc Donalds food he had an 18% weight gain and the beginnings of scerosis of the liver.

Posted by visiting angel at 2:55 AM
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Sunday, March 13, 2005

Expiring Transportation Cards, Vacancy sensitive meters and other Digital and Non-Digital Ripoffs

Why should the Port Authority and MTA be allowed to expire fixed amount trip cards?  When I by a 30 trip Path Card there is no reason that the card should expire after a 60 or 90 days. In the old analog and token days, you bought 30 tokens and you could use them six months or six years later. For the infrequent traveller or perhaps telecomutuer who wants to invest in public transportation, the value of that investment is summarily rendered void for customers in the new age or digitally expired service.  Obviously, this would make sense in the case of a weekly or monthly pass but when a consumer pays for trips they should not be rendered void after some arbitrary deadline of which the consumer has no say.

Its not just digital systeme that have done this. Likewise the NJWaterways ferry service expires ferry tickets.  The complent seems petty but flip the equation around and you wil quickly realize the scale of monies taken from consumers/citizens with out the purchased services being rendered.

In many cities in America, you now see digital meters.  Pretty snazzy until you notice that they end the era of riding a fortuitous meter with extra time.  The new meters can sense when a car pulls away and automatically reset to zero.  Even more audacious was when i was about to ride a meter in Hoboken, NJ,  I was told by a police officer that I couldn't do so even when i had nanaged to pull in right behind the vacating driver thereby tricking the system.

Its for this reason that I warn all of you out there to also stay away from Gift Cards, Certificates or whatever they want to call the scam... Give Cash!!!  In the fine print of just about all of those gift certificates is an expiration date that effectively will give the store your money for free if your gift recipient hasnt spent it by the deadline. Beyond that seldom will a gift certificate get fully used with out the expenditure of some additonal money as the final bill almost never exactly matches the amount of the certificate.

Posted by developer at 5:47 PM
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Thursday, March 3, 2005

Open Letter to Andrew Sullivan: message to gay conservatives

This was sent 12/13/2004 folowing Andrew Sullivan's appearance on the Bill Maher show.
You are a remarkably blind individual. Do you simply work from an idealized truth you believe in unfettered by the pesky details and facts. You managed to completely avoid responding to D.L Hughley's multiple significant confrontations to the blind belief in America always being right (or you would offer a weak concession of the point?).  How do you reconcile your idea of federalism against egregious human rights violations of slavery, racism or homophobic legislation rife throughout American history.  You seem to believe that no matter what the methods as long as you can show some positive outcome America is just.  You believe this  in the face of COINTELPRO, the Trail of Tears, countless broken treaties with Native People, the Oliver North Scandal, the selling of crack cocaine to primarily African Americans to fund illegal activities, the training of "freedom fighter" insurgencies to destabilize other nations and our own populace, Sino American internment during WWII (I guess in that sense we have returned to traditional American Values, huh?),the assassination of foreign government heads of state? was as it when my grandfather an African American soldier in WWII along with all the rest of Blacks in military were provided lower services and treated with greater inequality than German soldiers  captured as Prisoners of war?  The fact that the combinations of our inner city and rural schools along with  much of the after the fact quota systems perpetuate the institutionalized racism, bias, and crime endangering all of us personally and the viability of our nation (And the solution is not no child left behind.. our systems needs to keep the kids back until they learn the material and develop specialized classes to deal with the key learning gaps  like ESL, Reading, and Mathematics) When was this idyllic period of American moral values.. we still have a long way to go before get any where near having true moral values on a national level.  Where we will have a national policy that respects the private rights of an individual while maintaining an impartiality.
There is a belief among a significant number of Christians that the difference between heaven and hell is the acceptance of Christ as your personal savior.  it masquerades as being socially permissive but belies a true ongoing crusade mentality.. which i believe also fuels support for "regime change", "democratization" in the middle east.  People say this country was founded out of religious persecutions but the founding was funded based on capitalist and imperial aims.   Talk to native Americans about democracy (American reeducation schools, land theft broken treaties and other social warfare) .. the Iroquois confederacy provided the foundation for our constitution not European tradition no matter what the revisions of the white slave masters try to perpetrate.  If we want to truly embody the lessons of the puritans and other religious persecuted we need eliminate the idea that we are a Christian country and embrace the religious diversity of our nation. Otherwise we are on the road to recreating the exact same persecution which drove our early immigrants from their homelands.
The double standard is very clear, Allegedly we have a zero tolerance for harboring terrorist group, yet even after McVeigh a multitude of Racist and/or Militantly religious groups  which just so happen to be primarily of White constituency continue to operate in the country.  Compare this to the virulent way in which violent and non violent groups organized around people of color are eradicated and demonized ala the Black Panther, AIM , Leonard Peltier.
You refuse to acknowledge the role either our government officials or American corporate interests played in providing strategic support to groups that now are our sworn enemies. We seem to forget the way that we used the Middle East, Eastern Europe, South America, Asia and Africa as the ongoing killing fields and dumping grounds in our sparring against the communist threat.
You also seem to disregard the numerous testimonies by pentagon insiders on the use of 9/11 as an expedient way move to regime change in Iraq.  You said that we could have just taken the oil wells.  First that wouldn't play in the media spin that the White House was using. Secondly,  it would be much harder to hold oil wells (which were the first thing we locked down.. even over the 380 tons of explosives which were known about even then) while Saddam was still in power and ridiculous to think that the neo con thinkers currently influencing  the White House would even consider such a half measure.  Also, I am curious if you just discount the numerous documented ties between our administration and the Iraq i.e. Rumsfield's position with ABB during the period its subsidiaries sold missile guidance systems to Iraq and Halliburton's long track record of doing business with enemy states via subsidiaries.

Posted by developer at 5:55 PM
Wednesday, December 15, 2004

An Open letter to Senator Kerry: Why you failed and American Blindness

I originally sent this letter in October of 2004 and got an automated response:

Senator Kerry:

I have watched you speak and read as well as watched numerous pieces of information on your background. You seem to be an honorable man with a genuine interest in creating a better vision for the whole of America.

I would like to humbly make some recommendations on relating some of your points.

When challenged on your voting record, I think you miss explaining the fundamental fact that bills are a combination issues and are generally constructed to provide by-ins for the opposition. Therefore the truly beneficial cops on streets program is tied into a get tougher on crime bill which includes factors for the death penalty.

On the topic of the war in Iraq, I think Libya is actually a supporting example of sanctions over war. Growing up in the 80's Qaddafi was portrayed every bit as evil and dangerous as Saddam. And although we did bomb his house, we did not start a protracted military engagement. And now with far less loss of lives on ALL sides things are changing.

I also wonder why you do not focus on the specific instances of Rumsfeld's Connection through a Swiss company in selling missile guidance systems to Iraq.

I think the very fact that it is cheaper to buy drugs from Canada because of their national healthcare system providing them with stronger leverage in negotiating prices, illustrates the potential ameliorating effect a national healthcare system would have while still providing a security to the drug companies in ensuring a larger consumer base in the previously uninsured people who might not have been able to afford or even known that they needed a given medication.

I also have to say that I find it disappointing that you have ignored the issue of Israel and Palestine. Currently America sits silent while Israel strikes on poor residential communities while destroying their meager means of sustenance. We should be pushing for the dismantling of the settlements on the wrong side of the line of demarcation to establish a zone of security for the Palestinian people. You are well aware that what breeds terrorism more than anything else are voiceless oppression and unjust disparity in opportunity.

This applies to the United States itself as represented by the unjust, institutionalized disparity of education and therefore opportunity in this country. We can't continue to pretend that quotas in university make up for passing kids along through substandard inner city or rural public schools. It is a disservice to all students of color because it creates a preconception among the student body and faculty that the given student was a "quota?

It seems so often that the American public is sold explanations that assume the immutability of assumptions that are in fact not immutable. For example the practice of allocating education money based on local property taxes at the town level rather than on at a bear minimum a statewide level of uniform redistribution based on need. The entire society benefits from less crime and more skilled individuals to drive our future creativity. In point of fact Mr. Levine of the Columbia Teachers School said that it is time for the unpalatable solution funding needs in the historically underserved areas even over the needs of suburban schools due to the social crisis this problem is creating as well as the huge gap in resources and incentives to qualified teachers.

Before, i continue I should explain that i am an African American with a strong Native American background as well. My father was a teacher in Newark, NJ public school and i attended catholic school my entire childhood until college. But I can recall going to my father's classes when I was preschool. And i witnessed my father having to frisk students for weapons and the general lack of an environment to promote learning and form that point on I took a very personal interest in what schools I was attending. another anecdote, while in my junior year of high school in the honors program, a new student Michael Johnson arrived from Jamaica, after we had become friends he explained that the school he went to in Jamaica had 4 years of elementary school and 8 years of secondary school and he had already had 2 years of calculus before his eleventh year. We need to reinstill a cultural appreciation for education over superficial esthetics and wanting to be just "cool"

I ultimately went to Duke University and studied Computer Science and Physics. Eventually working at Bell Laboratories, Sony Music, and Salomon Brothers and other corporate jobs as a computer programmer and at several points CTO, I have seen that the trickle down theory of economics does not work in the boardroom. The people whose work create the products or provide the services are the least protected and first fired while what employees that remain are told to work twice as hard until their far too often eventual firing. Meanwhile the company executives, often in position through nepotism or elite relationships, leave the sinking ships with disproportionate shares of the corporate remains. Middle class needs to recognize that as long as i have been out of college the amount of money you can make and still be living in poverty has grown. And the number of people moving into the wealthy class has decreased and it means we are moving to a two class society driven on propagandistic media and consumer lust. But even the wealthy need to understand that this disparity will ultimately hurt them as well as dissatisfaction leads to more crime and lack of skilled knowledge and creative workers will result in our national decline.

I don't know if you will get through all of this but i would like to close on the fact that the ultimate checks for globalization will be a mandate for globalized rights for workers and a practical global strategy of environmental management. Despite the decline this would represent to certain industries the social and environmental crisis are escalating and the current strategies of what we would call in computers the "greedy algorithm" are not sustainable.

Posted by developer at 8:22 AM