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Monday, February 21, 2005

Negroponte: Nominee for Baghdad Embassy, a Rogue for all Seasons

read full text at Council On Hemispheric Affairs
President Bush confirmed recent rumors by announcing on Monday that John D. Negroponte was being nominated to become this country’s ambassador to Iraq, a post that he would assume on June 30, when sovereignty ostensibly will be transferred to Iraqi authorities.  But the Negroponte nomination must be seen as a profoundly troubling one since the same nagging questions which were present during the summer of 2001, when Negroponte was nominated to be U.S. ambassador to the UN, continue to persist.  Enough time apparently has passed since a number of accusations first surfaced concerning Negroponte’s profound moral derelictions (which at least date back to the time that he served as U.S. ambassador to Honduras (1981-85)), for these again to be thoroughly aired.  But if the past is any precedent, Negroponte will sail through the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and the full Senate as if he was a Happy Warrior rather than the immoral reprobate that his record undeniably portrays him as being.  Since then, Washington’s ability to slip into political amnesia regarding his reprehensible actions in Honduras will now once again be at play. 

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