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We understand it's difficult to find the facts behind the hot button topics being discussed in the media, by the water cooler, during holiday gatherings and over the dinner table. We make it easy for you to have accurate information to show those who only trust Fox news, MSMBC and the New York Times, that they must do their homework before they state their opinion as fact. After studying the facts in Just Say Know!, check out the section below, Citizen 101, which will train you how to create constructive conversation with those whom you disagree and also to train you how to find reliable information for yourself.

The information we provide here will take you about the same amount of time to read as a novel. Think of how much time you've spent arguing the issues and felt unsure because you might not have had all the facts to accurately address them properly. This will save you hours upon hours of arguing as we enter the general election season. And, there's nothing better than informing someone about an issue that they clearly haven't researched, which disarms their argument and forces them to actually read and do their homework.

Remember. Education NOT confrontation. Yelling at people because you have more facts than them is counterproductive. Just inform them and then ask for an equal amount of researched information. For more hints on how to create productive dialog with people who don't agree with you, check our Citizen 101 section below this box.

Now it's time for you to train to be a warrior in the War Against Errorism!

To find out what the questions 9/11 families wanted answered;
click here

To understand the history of Bin Laden, the Mujuhadeen who would become Al Qaeda, and the U.S. government's involvement in his rise to power;
click here

For the history of Saddam Hussein and how the U.S. government, specifically under the Reagan administration, spent millions to involvement in his rise to power;
click here

For information on why the Bush administration doesn't want FBI whistleblower Sibel Edmonds to talk;
click here

After hundreds of billions of dollars have been sent to Iraq, via Halliburton, see how an audit created enough interest to spark a formal Justice Department investigation;
click here

To find out how the military feels about the Bush administration attempting to cut funding to schools for military families while he was sending them to war;
click here

Over two years after being told security measures have being enacted and billions have been spent, see what investigations about U.S. nuclear power plant safety has brought to light;
click here

Since Iran and other countries are considered enemy states, why are U.S. companies illegally doing business with them? To find out what companies are "doing business with the enemy;"
click here

As we spend billions building in infrastructure of Iraq, see what our tax dollars could be going toward in the United States;
click here

To find out where U.S. Companies are increasingly creating new jobs and what it means for the futures of you and your children;
click here

The U.S. has indicted many countries of human rights violations. But to find out about human rights violations within U.S. borders;
click here

For info about our shameful prison population and profiteering;
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To find out what telecommunications companies are exploiting the prison population and their families;
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  citizen 101:  

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Citizen 101 is our indepth strategy builder designed to educate people on how to communicate social issues more effectively. There is no magic bullet. Conversations about politics, religion and culture force people to rethink the core of their beliefs, which is NEVER a simple task, so don't approach them as if it is. We hope this helps you when you're presented the opportunity to enlighten. Good luck and please let us know if you have ideas to further our strategies. Peaceness. :)-

Our vision is driven by the unfair and inhuman status of the world. This is NOT to say that there aren't an innumerable amount of beautifully wonderful things happening in the world, of which we are also animated by. But, it is nearly impossible to ignore the poverty, sexism, racism, homophobia and other social ills that permeate the beautiful world we allegedly share. We are not interested in being "underground rockstars." We are interested in being vehicles of change, however small. Our art is based in creating dialog about the issues we all share as humans.

Just as Public Enemy, Consolidated and to a different extent Skinny Puppy, our art is our vehicle to express a view of the world people might not see nor understand how it affects their day-to-day lives.

This will serve as a way to see behind our art and into how you can have an impact on the people you are close to, hang with and maybe even people you merely come in contact with.

Our parent website s6k.com is a great place to find articles and documentation about the issues and events that affect us all.

Most people don't know where to begin when they want to inform themselves or do something in their community. Here we supply simple ways you can educate others as well as yourself, and have an impact.

1) First and foremost, there is one strategy that is a mainstay in our vision; EDUCATION NOT CONFRONTATION. Arguing "liberal" and "conservative" opinions on governmental policies gets you nowhere. Whatever your interest, make it a habit to read something about the subject that you believe others haven't. Another good thing to do is to make a habit of telling people what you don't know, but would like to find out. This could be a motivator for them and it shows you as a person seeking out knowledge, instead of a know-it-all that doesn't let the facts get in the way of your opinions.

We also suggest that you seek out empirical (primary source) information that can be verified. You should use information that doesn't have a "liberal" or "conservative" bias. The facts should be enough to prove your point. Inaccurate claims only diminish the validity of your assertions. A great place for primary source information is C-Span, the Congressional Budget Office, or the General Accountability Office. We also supply a list of highly reputable sources for easy-to-follow research-based information, care of s6k.com's news arm. click here

Using our strategy, you'll be able to take the tact of; "By the way, have you read...?...I was really shocked how much I didn't know about the issue." Our tact shows that you were interested enough to look into the issue(s) further to inform yourself properly and that maybe they should too. This also disables the arguing opinion factor and hopefully will motivate them to read actual documentation about issues for themselves instead of quoting verbatim inaccurate statements from pundits on their local news, The New York Times, CNN, Bill O'Reilly, Rush Limbaugh and the like. At the very least they won't argue the topic with you until they do some homework.

The Simpson's have one of the best quotes pertaining to this issue.
"The problem is, with facts you can prove anything!" Homer Simpson :)-

2) The next step is to take our test. We ask you to watch ANY senate hearing, or house debate on C-Span. They usually last about 4 hours. Then read a number of news reports about it. We suggest; New York Times, The Nation, democracynow.org and Fox news. But you can choose whatever news sources you find represent "liberal," "centrist," and "conservative." This will show you their biases by what they are focusing on and what they are leaving out. Then you are ready.

3) Our current conversation entry example is the discussion over torture in Iraqi prisons. Instead of arguing its correctness, we ask people; "Have you read the Conventions on Torture? I read it the other day and I was amazed about what the law actually says." (It's a really easy and short read...and will save you hours of arguing opinions!)

Also, here's an archive of images from Iraq of civilian wounded and dead in the streets and hospitals. Make sure they look at this archive. If possible, sit a look at it with them so you can discuss the issue from the Iraqi point of view. We warn you they are pretty harsh...but not as harsh as the fact that we, as U.S. taxpayers, paid for it. click here We also supply a hypothetical to change the perspective of the discussion. click here

4) If you don't support Bush, and you probably don't because you'd probably not be on our site :)-, here's a way to discuss issues with someone who does. Ask them how the billions of dollars have been spent in Iraq and Afghanistan. Let them know you have concerns about it based on excepts of an congressional audit you've read. Here we supply a few articles for you. 1 2 3 4 The amount of money being spent in Iraq when we don't have enough money at home goes to the core of the issue, outside of the obvious human rights violations that usually just turn in to arguements. We can't stress this enough. The fiscal angle will always force someone to do their homework, as long as you have done yours.

5) On the homefront, a specific question about the "No Child Left Behind" educational policy is usually a great follow-up to the Iraq war funding issue. Here we supply an article that provides specific numbers that most people have NEVER read. click here

Additionally, here's an article you can send to your conservative friends. It's from the Army Times, November 2003. It's about how the Bush administration was attempting to cut funding for a number of military schools...these schools are for the soldiers kids. For this unbelievable article click here

6) There's an easy way to discuss whether the "war" is on the right path and if there were early warnings. Here we supply an article written by Milt Bearden, the CIA Quartermaster who was in charge of overseeing the training of Bin Laden and the Afghan resistance against the Soviet occupation, 1986 to 1989. They were referred to as "freedom fighters" by President Ronald Reagan when the U.S. government, with our tax dollars, were spending billions supporting them. They are the people who would become the Al Qaeda forces who are now the villions in the "war on terror." In this November 2003 article (click here for article) he clearly states, in advance, everything that has happened since. The reality that most people have no idea who he is or that he has spoken out about the "strategies" applied in Iraq, can help you relay the point that it's not just "bleeding heart liberals" who think things were handled wrong from the outset. It also provides discussion from the perspective of the people who were directly involved instead of pundits who only have opinions on their side.

7) Ask them why we haven't bothered to have an accurate count of Iraqi Civilians who have been killed. Click here for the primary organization who has a documented death count of Iraqi citizens

Here is another article that discusses the military's choice to not count Iraqi dead. click here

8) Job outsourcing is a huge issue and will have lasting ramifications on America as a whole. Ask people why our tax dollars are given as tax incentives to corporations who move our "jobs of the future" to other countries. Here's a detailed map of the places our jobs are going to as well as other detailed information. click here We also think you should check out techsunite.org for the latest information about job outsourcing.

An easy way to ask the question is; "How can Americans benefit when we are giving money to companies to send our high quality jobs of the future to other countries?" Here's an article discussing the Bush administration's view on outsourcing. click here

9) Another conversation starter with democrats would be; If the dems are so concerned with every vote being counted, why didn't even one democratic senator vote for and demand to have a formal and extensive investigation into voting irregularities during the 2000 election? This question is designed to illustrate that the governmental problems the U.S. faces aren't just a conservative versus liberal dilemma.